Social Casino App

Since most of today’s communication is happening on mobile platforms, it is only natural to expect any online social casino to put extra effort into making sure their platform works flawlessly on any portable device, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

Here at Casino Click, we considered a number of options before settling for one that seemed most reasonable in terms of providing optimal player experience and allowing for unlimited cross-platforming options.

Social Casino App

App-Free Approach

In 2023, having a dedicated mobile app will be increasingly common for all service companies, no matter how small. Among the habitually quoted benefits, you often hear about ‘increasing user loyalty’, ‘safe and secure browsing’, and ‘one-click services’.

Meanwhile, nobody actually talks about what customers – or, in our case, gamers want. We have yet to see one person amazed at the necessity to download and install a client for each service they’re using. Sometimes, companies even decide to limit their mobile website functionality to impose using the app on their customers.

With all that in mind, we ditched the idea of making a standalone app to turn our sweepstakes casino into a genuinely universal website that delivers quality entertainment regardless of the screen size, type of input, and player’s whereabouts. Months of hectic work went into optimizing our casino games for mobiles, and now we can proudly claim everything runs without a hitch. So let’s see what our version of portable gambling looks like in detail.

Getting Started

The signup stage is where many aspiring players simply give up due to how tedious the procedure feels. We value your time, so getting started with our social casino won’t take more than a few minutes. Here’s what you should do:

  • tap on the SIGNUP button in the top right of your screen;
  • fill in the main account details on pop-up screen one;
  • provide your personal info, like name, region, and address on pop-up two;
  • finalize the registration by selecting your preferred currency on pop-up three.

That’s literally all it takes. Now you can log into your shiny new account, check out the free-to-play games and those that require special tokens, and see if there is a promotion or two you can use to get such credits – or Gold and Sweeps Coins, as we call them.



A quick reminder for those unfamiliar with how sweepstakes casinos work: there are no direct money transactions on the website, which is stipulated by the legal basis we act upon. You can obtain monetary prizes by exchanging the Sweeps Coins, but there is no way to win cash by hitting the jackpot in a game. It is, however, possible to make as many purchases of Gold Coins as you please whenever your balance is low.

Bonus Offers

The obligatory starting point of playing involves having a certain amount of the aforementioned Coins – without them, you will only have access to our free games. You can obtain Gold Coins by doing our simple daily tasks: ‘play three similarly-themed games’ or ‘log into your account for 7 days in a row’. However, the Sweeps Coins with payout power are only distributed via our promo emails, so stay vigilant!

Social Casino App2


Not only do we offer the same slots as on desktop, but we also guarantee you will enjoy the gameplay as much. What allows us to adapt almost any slot machine to a mobile platform is that most of them are built on tried and tested technologies that have been around for at least a decade. Thus, you are welcome to enjoy all we’ve got, from table games to video poker, on any gadget within your reach.