88 Fortunes Slot

Software Light & Wonder
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Bet Range £0.88 – £88.00
RTP 96
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 1000X

Developed by WMS, 88 Fortunes is an online slot game with a Chinese theme. It features 5 reels stacked 3 high and offers 243 ways to win. With its Fu Bat Wild symbol, multi-way paylines, jackpot game feature, and free spins round, this slot provides several exciting bonus features. Players can potentially win up to 200,000 coins in massive jackpots. As expected from WMS, the game boasts impressive graphics and meticulous attention to detail, making it a delightful slot to play. You can try out the demo of this game here.

Review of 88 Fortunes

SG Digital presents 88 Fortunes, an online slot game that immerses players in Chinese culture. With five reels and 243 ways to win, this slot offers numerous opportunities for big wins. The game includes exciting bonus features such as the Fu Bat Wild symbol, multi-way paylines, a jackpot feature game, and a free spins round. With the potential to win up to 200,000 coins in massive jackpots, 88 Fortunes lives up to its name. SG Digital’s commitment to high-quality graphics and meticulous attention to detail ensures that players will thoroughly enjoy this slot game.

Mechanics of 88 Fortunes

88 Fortunes is a video slot game with five reels and 243 ways to win. It has medium volatility, which provides a balanced combination of wins. The game’s bonus features offer the majority of bigger rewards. With its all-ways-pay mechanic, landing wins becomes easier.

While the betting mechanic in this game may initially appear complex, it becomes easily understandable with time. The symbols in the game are categorized into standard form and golden form, with the latter offering higher payouts but requiring a higher bet amount.

To your left, you have the option to choose which of the five high symbols you want to transform into golden ones for greater rewards. However, keep in mind that as you select additional symbols, the cost in credits will increase. On the bright side, this choice will also grant you access to bigger progressive jackpot prizes.

This implies that there will be a significant improvement in the betting range, enabling you to place bets ranging from €0.08 to €88 per spin.

After setting the wager, you have the option to spin the reels and determine the outcome of the next game. Alternatively, you can choose to activate the Auto Play feature, which allows the machine to spin the reels for you continuously for a specific number of times (between 10 and 200) with a predetermined wager. In certain regions, it may be necessary to establish win and loss limits within this section to promote responsible gambling.

88 Fortunes Theme

The game 88 Fortunes embraces the auspicious number 8, widely considered lucky in Asia. With its gilded symbols, fortunate theme, and gameplay that guarantees wins in all directions, luck permeates every aspect of this game.

Although Asian game enthusiasts may have priority in playing these SG Digital slot machines, they won’t be the sole participants. The inclusion of a Jackpot feature in the game will undoubtedly attract high-rolling players who prioritize money over themes.

The predominant colors used in the game’s background setting are red and gold, which universally symbolize wealth. As the game begins, cheerful children introduce the prominent reel set surrounded by intricately detailed icons and graphics. The artistic design perfectly complements the theme of the game.

All the game symbols emit luck and consist of:

  • The symbol of the Golden Eagle rewards players with a maximum payout of €1,000 per payline when five gold versions of the symbol appear.
  • The Galleon symbol awards a maximum payout of €500 per payline when five gold versions of the symbol appear.
  • The symbol of stacked ingots awards a maximum of €400 per payline when five gold versions appear.
  • The symbol of the tortoise rewards players with a maximum payout of €250 per payline if they land five gold versions of the symbol.
  • The Special Mandala coin offers a payout of up to €100 per payline when five gold versions of the symbol appear.

The numbers displayed on the paytable are in currency, not in coins or multiples. During the game, you have the option to convert 1 to 5 symbols into gold, which will earn you extra credits. By doing so, you can now obtain the highest value for each icon, as specified above.

  • You are awarded 0 Extra Credits for turning a symbol into gold.
  • With 8 credits, you can turn two symbols gold and activate only the mini jackpot.
  • With 38 credits, you can transform three symbols into gold and trigger the mini and minor jackpots.
  • By utilizing 68 credits, four symbols will transform into gold and simultaneously trigger the activation of the mini, minor, and major jackpots.
  • When you collect 88 credits, all five symbols will turn gold and the mini, minor, major, and grand jackpot options will be activated.

The symbols with lower payouts in the game are basic card deck symbols ranging from 9 to Ace. We believe that more unique and creative options, such as Chinese lettering, could have been used instead. The highest payout among these lower value symbols is €50 for getting 5 Aces across a payline.

In order to enhance the excitement of the game, certain symbols are utilized to bring an extra thrill. For example, a Gong Bonus symbol can appear on the reels, which may not hold considerable value in terms of winnings but plays a crucial role in activating the free spin bonus round.

If you’ve ever seen Kung Fu movies, you’ll be familiar with the importance of a gong. In this scenario, the gong symbolizes potential victories that may lie ahead.

In this game, the Fu Bat icon serves as the Wild symbol. It exclusively appears on reels 2, 3, or 4 and possesses the ability to replace any regular gaming symbols (excluding the bonus symbol) to assist in forming a winning combination across the reels. However, it does not possess any multiplier effect in this particular game.

Sound & Soundtrack

The audio of this slot game complements the fortunate eastern theme just as well as the visuals. The soundtrack features a lively and cheerful Asian melody, crafted with traditional Chinese instruments that are easily recognizable. This catchy tune is sure to stick in your mind. If you prefer to play without any sound, you can easily turn off all music in the game settings.

Bonus Features of 88 Fortunes

88 Fortunes is an impressive game in terms of content. Apart from its unique ‘all way’ game mechanic, the title also includes a jackpot mini-game that offers substantial rewards and a complete free spin feature round.

Jackpot Round

On the screen, you will see four jackpot bonus amounts available to win. Each jackpot is triggered at a specific Gold icon level, as mentioned earlier. You can identify their activation when the prize amount appears in the window.

After any Wild symbol lands on the reels, the jackpot game can be triggered randomly. If activated, you will be directed to a different screen containing 12 coins. Your task is to select coins until you find 3 of the same kind. Once accomplished, you will receive the corresponding jackpot prize. Four different jackpots are available to win.

  • The Mini Jackpot presents a chance to win prizes of up to €2,000, which is equivalent to 22 times the total stake.
  • The Minor Jackpot presents a chance to win prizes worth €3,750, which is equivalent to 42 times the total stake.
  • At an impressive multiplier of 852x the total stake, Major Jackpot presents a chance to win up to €75,000 in prizes.
  • At an astonishing multiplier of 2,272x the total stake, Grand Jackpot presents a chance to win remarkable prizes amounting to €200,000.

Free Spins Feature

Today, one of the most desirable gaming features is undoubtedly Free Spins. While they may not possess the colossal winning potential of the jackpot bonus round, they possess the capability to strengthen your bankroll and provide a prolonged duration of amusement and excitement. Engaging in a quest for prizes on the finest casino tab is always a delightful indulgence.

To activate the free games, you must align 3, 4, or 5 Gong Bonus symbols on consecutive reels starting from the leftmost reel. Once triggered, you will receive ten free games, and it is possible to earn more during the feature round. The feature round is played with the same bet level and number of active Golden symbols as when it was initially triggered.

Luckily, the game exclusively involves high paying symbols.

In this bonus round, you won’t find any card deck symbols. Additionally, the Jackpot bonus round can be activated during the free spins round. Imagine how convenient it would be to win the Grand jackpot and all the rewards from the free spins at the same time, just seconds apart.

  • Preferred slot machine in the United States
  • Timeless design
  • Rich and generous prizes
  • Very high RTP
  • Low stake limit
  • Advanced game

The Greatest Cabinet to Play

88 Fortunes is a renowned game that is highly popular among experienced casino enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed in top-tier brick-and-mortar casinos across the globe, including Asia and the US. SG has ingeniously developed a wide range of cabinets that showcase this extraordinary game.

During your next visit to Vegas, make sure to stop by and try your luck at one of SG’s cabinets with double widescreens. These cabinets feature one screen dedicated to displaying the game, while the other screens showcase captivating animations and videos.

RTP Of 88 Fortunes

88 Fortunes provides players with a 96% return-to-player (RTP), which is in line with the average online slot available today. The RTP represents the average amount of money that the casino will pay out in winnings throughout the game’s lifespan at reputable casinos that offer this title. However, it does not indicate your personal rate of winning. The remaining 4% represents the house edge, which estimates the average earnings the casino makes per game.

With its average RTP and moderate game variance, this slot option offers a fair payout range, encompassing both small wins and larger rewards.

Tips & Tricks for 88 Fortunes

When it comes to playing online slot games, there is no foolproof formula for success since the outcomes are entirely random and depend solely on luck. However, the following suggestions aim to help you stay engaged in the game and increase your chances of achieving significant wins:

  • In order to maximize your winnings and increase your chances of winning the Grand Jackpot, it is essential to bet at the highest possible wager.
  • To maximize your chances of winning free games with the best possible bet, increase your wager periodically while the free games round is in progress. The number of free games you receive is determined by the bet that initially activated the round.
  • Avoid pursuing your losses. When players experience significant losses, they tend to increase their bets dramatically in an attempt to quickly recover those losses. However, adopting this strategy can lead to financial ruin. Keep in mind that playing slots is more like a marathon, so be patient and expect to gradually regain your credits.
  • If you want to bet conservatively, it is preferable to change all five icons to Gold and decrease your wager, rather than compromising on the gold icons and increasing the bet.

Should You Play This Game?

If you haven’t tried playing 88 Fortunes yet and need some extra encouragement to give it a spin, here are five compelling reasons why you should play it today: This slot game provides substantial jackpot bonuses without compromising the slot’s RTP.

Most jackpot slots feature an RTP of less than 90%. By excluding low-paying card icons during the free spin round, your chances of winning bigger prizes are enhanced. SG Digital software ensures a seamless and smooth gaming experience across various platforms, delivering a remarkable gameplay.

The betting range is reasonably priced, with the maximum bet being below €100 per spin. This game exudes an enjoyable atmosphere and is a must-try for Asian slot enthusiasts, as it brilliantly encompasses the essence of these themes.

How to Play for Real

At some point, the act of playing for no cost can grow tiresome, especially if you are racking up substantial winnings with no actual reward. However, do not lose hope, as long as you are above the age of 18 and possess a mobile or desktop device, you have the opportunity to play 88 Fortunes for real cash. Simply adhere to the subsequent three steps.

  1. To create an account at 88 Fortune Casino, you should register or sign up. This process involves establishing a personal casino account by selecting a username and password, and providing essential account information.
  2. To deposit, simply log in to your account and proceed to the Deposits page. Load your account with casino credits to start playing the games.
  3. To locate the game, 88 Fortunes, follow these steps: <br>1. Ensure that your account displays a positive balance.<br>2. Use the game search bar or navigate to the SG Digital Slots section within the casino.<br>3. Look for the game either by typing “88 Fortunes” in the search bar or by browsing through the relevant section.<br>4. Once found, select the game.<br>5. Press the “PLAY NOW!” button to start playing.

Final Thoughts

If you possess a substantial amount of money to invest and are not afraid to take risks for the chance of winning big, then this particular slot game is tailored for you. The potential rewards are substantial as long as you are willing to place significant bets. This game will particularly attract those who have a fondness for Asian themes, believe in the power of good luck, and are interested in trying their luck on a high-stakes casino machine.

The addition of the jackpot feature adds immense value to this game as it accumulates the majority of the gold. Nevertheless, the free spins feature is more probable to yield wins. Immerse yourself in the presence of auspicious Chinese symbols and spin the reels of 88 Fortunes for progressive victories. You have the option to enjoy the free play version of this slot or test your luck with real money at the reputable SG Digital online casinos.

88 Fortunes FAQ

Are there any inquiries you have regarding this game? We kindly advise reviewing our FAQ section.

Is it safe to play 88 Fortunes?

The SG Digital group, a prominent player in the gaming industry, is responsible for the creation and distribution of 88 Fortunes to casinos. With a strong presence in numerous international jurisdictions, they uphold top-notch software standards and adhere to strict regulations. In order to ensure fairness, their RNGs and gaming software undergo regular audits and testing by renowned professionals in the field.

Can I play 88 Fortunes on my mobile device?

You can play 88 Fortunes on any platform as it is compatible with all devices. This game is particularly suitable for your mobile device, thanks to the advanced SG Digital HTML 5 Instant Browser platform.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of the 88 Fortunes slot game?

The average RTP of 88 Fortunes is approximately 96%.

What is the strategy to defeat 88 Fortunes?

By obtaining a winning combination and hitting the jackpot, one secures a victory.

Is 88 Fortunes considered a good slot machine?

88 Fortunes is undeniably one of the top-notch online slots ever crafted by SG Digital.

What is the method for playing the 88 Fortunes slot game?

Simply choose the bet size and spin the reels. Continue playing until you achieve winning combinations.

What are the reasons for playing the 88 Fortunes online slot?

88 Fortunes is an immensely popular game in both land-based casinos and the online gaming world, boasting considerable success in both domains.

Is it possible for me to play 88 Fortunes for free?

Certainly! You have the option to play 88 Fortunes for free on our website.

Are there free spins in 88 Fortunes?

Indeed, 88 Fortunes presents a complimentary spins feature that amplifies your potential earnings.

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