Cubes Slot

Software Hacksaw Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 5
Bet Range 0.10 – 30
RTP 96.35
Bonus Rounds No
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot No

If you’re looking for a unique gaming experience, then you should definitely check out the Cubes online slot game by Hacksaw Gaming. This game goes beyond the traditional slot format and offers an entirely new perspective. With impressive visuals and an engaging theme, Cubes will challenge your preconceived notions about online slots. Instead of the usual layout, you’ll find a grid filled with cubes of various colors, and instead of paylines, you’ll aim to create cluster wins. Plus, with a chance to win up to 3,167 times your bet, you won’t be able to resist playing this game.

Review of Cubes Slot

It is evident that Hacksaw Gaming had a clear intention of revolutionizing the concept of slots with its creation of Cubes. Once you start playing the game, you will immediately witness the developer’s remarkable success in achieving this goal.

However, don’t let that deter you from playing it. Despite its unique interface and gameplay, Cubes is still an engaging and enjoyable game to play.

In addition, this game goes beyond a typical cluster pays slot by offering several unique features. It is advisable to read this comprehensive review before playing, as it will give you a thorough understanding of how the game functions.

Cubes Slot Theme

Looking at this slot and overthinking its theme can drive you insane. Its title perfectly sums up its essence – cubes! When you load it for the first time, you’ll immediately see the 3D shape.

The cubes are exhibited in various vibrant colors, and they rotate whenever the spin button is pressed. Victories occur when groups of identical colored cubes emerge on the screen, ultimately simplifying the essence of the game.

Creating a slot game centered on cubes may not appear overly challenging. In fact, you may be correct. Nevertheless, this developer excels at crafting vibrant cube symbols, showcasing their exceptional design skills. Despite maintaining a simplicity in comparison to other online slots, Hacksaw ensures the theme remains captivating by incorporating dazzling colors that burst forth from the screen during gameplay.

  • Unique interface
  • Instead of traditional paylines, cluster pays are used.
  • Multiplier in the middle and complimentary spins.
  • May seem challenging at first glance

Game Mechanics

Typically, we would discuss the traditional elements of an online slot game, such as reels, rows, and paylines. However, Cubes breaks away from the norm and offers a unique gaming experience. Instead of utilizing reels and rows, this game features a distinct layout comprising a 5×5 grid composed of the aforementioned cubes.

Unlike a standard online slot that features multiple paylines, Cubes breaks away from this convention. In Cubes, your winning combinations are formed by clustering at least five cubes of the same color during a spin. Your payouts are determined by achieving this.

Additionally, for each win you achieve, the grid’s dimensions will expand in all directions. This progression includes a 7×7, 9×9, and ultimately an 11×11 grid, as long as you keep generating wins. Your payout will be granted when the grid stops expanding and no more wins can be formed. Consequently, you can secure numerous clusters from a single round.

To have the opportunity of getting the highest payout in Cubes, you must place the maximum bet per round. This can result in a maximum win of 3,167 times your stake, whether it is obtained in the base game, free spins, or any other means.

When it comes to placing your bets, you have the option to adjust the value using the up and down arrows located next to the spin button. This allows you to wager anywhere between 0.20 coins and 100 coins per spin in the game. On the opposite side of the spin button, there is a feature that enables you to activate auto spin. This feature allows you to play up to 1,000 rounds consecutively at the same betting amount without manually clicking the ‘Spin’ button each time.

Additionally, it is worth noting that a Middle Multiplier is always active during each spin. The central cube on the grid showcases this feature, and if it contributes to a winning combination, the multiplier displayed will be applied to your payout.

By including the middle multiplier cube, every cube within the cluster will increase the displayed multiplier by 1. This allows you to reach a maximum multiplier of 22 for an enhanced experience.

Soundtrack & Symbols

We strongly believe that Cubes by Hacksaw Gaming deserves recognition as one of the top casino games to play, primarily due to its remarkable soundtrack. The futuristic ambiance created by the captivating sounds while placing bets and spinning the reels guarantees an immensely enjoyable gaming experience.

In general, online slot games typically display a range of symbols on their reels. However, as we have mentioned multiple times in this review, Cubes is not your typical slot game. Instead, it presents a grid with six distinct colored cubes – blue, purple, aqua, red, yellow, and green.

The payouts for these symbols are determined by the number of symbols in a cluster. To win, a cluster must consist of at least five cubes, but it can expand to 25 or more depending on the size of the grid.

Placing the maximum bet on a spin is necessary to achieve the highest payout of 4,000 coins from any cluster of cubes.

With the exception of the cube symbols, there are no other inclusions on the grid. Therefore, you will not encounter any wilds, scatters, mystery symbols, or similar features. The only alternative you will come across is the Middle Multiplier mentioned earlier.

RTP & Variance

The Cubes online slot offers a theoretical payout of 96.35%, which is higher than the typical average of 96%, making it quite appealing. Additionally, players can expect a medium variance slot experience, with payouts occurring at an average rate and being of average size.

Bonus Features

The Cubes slot machine is indeed enhanced by the Middle Multiplier feature. However, there are more thrilling elements to anticipate while playing the game. Notably, it offers a captivating free spins round, which introduces its unique twist called the ‘Color Blast’!

Free Spins

In order to activate the slot’s free spins round, you must successfully create five clusters using cubes of various colors. Once achieved, you will be rewarded with up to 10 free spins and a randomly selected color. During the free spins round, any clusters you form using that particular color cube will remain fixed in place, increasing your chances of winning.

Hacksaw Gaming casinos are truly captivating due to these exceptional features. Moreover, the grid size remains fixed during the free spins round, ensuring that any increase in size remains constant for subsequent spins.

Furthermore, while enjoying the free spins round, there is a chance of activating the Color Blast feature. This special function will be triggered when you successfully gather 70 cubes in a cluster during the free spins. In this case, you will instantly win 2,500 times the total amount you wagered. That’s definitely an exhilarating payout to receive, isn’t it?

Slot Tricks

No matter how conventional or unconventional online slot games may be, they cannot be manipulated with any tricks. All you need to do is choose your bet, press the spin button, and wait for the outcome. Thankfully, this gameplay method is straightforward. Even though Cubes may appear strange to regular video slot players, it is still easy to understand.

When accessing a slot game, it is crucial to prioritize maintaining control over your bankroll. Keep your emotions in check and avoid being overwhelmed by any losses. Instead of attempting to recover your losses, it is advisable to continue with the next spin as usual or choose to leave. Responsible gambling should always be a fundamental aspect to bear in mind while playing online slots.

Shall I Play Cubes Slot?

If you’re looking for a unique twist on slot games, the Cubes slot by Hacksaw Gaming is a great choice. However, if you prefer traditional and straightforward slot games, or if you’re new to the world of slot gaming, it may not be as appealing to you.

Despite these features, it also offers incredible special attributes such as free spins, expanding grid size, cluster pays, and Middle Multiplier. Additionally, the incorporation of stunning graphics and an outstanding soundtrack enhances the overall experience for your enjoyment.

Do we recommend playing it as a slot game? Absolutely! Why not give something new and unique a try? We must say that Hacksaw has done an outstanding job with Cubes.

Cubes FAQs

What is the Return to Player (RTP) of the Cubes slot game?

With an RTP rate of 96.35% and a medium variance, this game is designed to appeal to players with different levels of experience.

What is the strategy to achieve victory on the Cubes slot machine?

To achieve victories, simply spin the cubes and create groups of at least five cubes of the same color. As the grid enlarges, the process repeats if additional clusters are formed. The gameplay lacks complexity or strategic elements.

How do I download Cubes slot?

You cannot download the game directly to your desktop computer or mobile device. However, you can play it either in demo mode or with real money instantly. To access Cubes, we suggest checking out our recommended casinos that offer Hacksaw Gaming releases. At one of these casinos, you will be able to enjoy all the features and offerings of Cubes.

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