Fortunium Slot

Software Stormcraft Studios
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Bet Range 1 -150
RTP 96.47
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 125,000

Step into a mystical metropolis where your most extravagant fantasies become a reality. Known as “Steampunk,” this enchanting fusion of Victorian sophistication and cutting-edge technology serves as the muse for StormCraft Studios’ inaugural slot machine creation. As a fresh face in the realm of online casinos, StormCraft Studios proudly presents their debut title for the world to experience.

Review of Fortunium

We will analyze this review with a discerning eye, not giving any leniency solely based on the fact that the creators are inexperienced in making slot machines. Thus far, the game Fortunium appears highly promising and showcases unique and thrilling features. These features have yet to be utilized by any other game provider, so let’s delve straight into exploring what this new game brings to the table! Let’s get started!

Theme and Background of Fortunium

Fortunium takes place in a city with a futuristic steampunk ambiance, where advanced machinery such as airborne airships, teleporters, weapons, and other non-existent technologies are seamlessly integrated. Unlike the sleek and polished devices found in conventional science fiction tales, this unique technology in Fortunium is predominantly fueled by steam, gears, wheels, and enchanting stones, which is why it is referred to as “Steampunk.”

StormCraft Studios has chosen to draw inspiration from the increasingly popular genre of fantasy in their debut slot game, Fortunium. The game introduces us to two well-known characters, Victoria and Maximilian, who embark on thrilling adventures. Victoria is a passionate explorer, constantly seeking excitement across the globe. Maximilian, on the other hand, is a dedicated scientist, often found in his laboratory. As players spin the reels, they will come across these compelling characters, who have the potential to reward them generously.

Game Mechanics on Fortunium

Although Fortunium may have the appearance of a traditional slot machine, don’t be deceived by its initial look. This game packs a powerful punch. Its interface consists of 5 reels and 5 horizontal rows, forming a 5 x 5 square grid. With this setup, players can enjoy a maximum of 40 paylines to place their bets on. It’s important to note that the number of bet lines is fixed and cannot be adjusted to a higher or lower amount.

In the same way, winning combinations in bet lines can only be formed by aligning symbols from left to right. Fortunium has a traditional slot machine essence and offers a thrilling high-risk style of gameplay, making it a highly volatile slot. Although payouts may not occur as frequently as in slots with lower volatility, players who do score a significant win will be generously rewarded.

Slot Features on Fortunium

The Fortunium slot machine boasts exquisitely designed symbols that are nothing short of stunning. In addition to the main characters we’ve previously mentioned, other symbols adorn the reels, such as a treasure chest overflowing with wealth, a sleek and futuristic blimp, a cutting-edge plasma revolver, and glistening gems resembling the playing card symbols of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. While the high paying symbols offer greater payouts than the low paying ones, don’t let that deter you.

Even if you manage to line up a few of the less valuable symbols consecutively on the reels, your bankroll will still experience a significant boost.

Win Booster Feature

The win booster in Fortunium is an exceptional feature that distinguishes it from other slot games. Located on the left side of the reels, it appears as a vibrant green button when activated, while the game appears as a lackluster forest green when inactive. This exciting feature can be enabled by the player at any moment they desire. However, activating the win booster will cause their current bet to rise by a small percentage, so it’s important to monitor your total wager.

On the other hand, even though the player may choose to make a larger bet, the likelihood of achieving a significantly larger win increases significantly. By utilizing the Win Booster, the probability of Mystery Symbols appearing on the reels is heightened. Furthermore, to enhance the offer, these mystery symbols will exclusively unveil wilds or high paying symbols upon activation. It is important to note that activating the boost will not raise the values assigned to the pay table symbols, but rather increase the frequency at which a mystery symbol is triggered.

Mystery Symbol Feature

Two different colored question marks can randomly emerge on the reels, indicating their presence.

The standard mystery symbol is represented by a question mark with a green background. When it appears on the reel, it can reveal any random high or low paying symbol. However, if the booster feature is activated by the player, the green question mark will transform into a golden one. This change indicates that the mystery symbol will now only reveal high paying symbols.

Scatters and Wilds

The Wild Symbols are identifiable by their golden appearance, featuring a prominent W symbol. These symbols possess the ability to replace any other symbol, with the exception of the scatter symbol. By utilizing this symbol, players can form a connecting bet line in situations where it would typically be absent.

Scatter symbols are a unique type of symbol. They can be identified as a large emerald gem that randomly appears on the reels. Similar to the wild symbol, scatters also interact with other symbols. When two or more scatter symbols land on a winning bet line, a multiplier of 1.20 or higher will be applied. Additionally, scatter symbols are necessary to activate the Free Spins bonus round.

Free Spins Bonus Round

If you land 3 or more scatter symbols, you will activate the Free Spins bonus round. During this round, you will receive 10 Free Spins with mystery reels appearing on reels 2, 3, or 5. These mystery reels will only have mystery symbols, which can greatly increase your winnings. Once all Free Spins are used, you will return to the base game.

A Final Word on Fortunium

We must say, StormCraft’s first ever slot game is quite impressive. They got off to a fantastic start by introducing the booster feature, which hints at exciting things to come from this new software provider. With a maximum win of 125,000 credits, players have the opportunity to significantly improve their lives. Although we currently only have one game to enjoy, Fortunium offers hours of gameplay and should not be seen as a disappointment.

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