Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo

Software IGT
Reels 5
Paylines 12
Bet Range 0.2 – 100
RTP 96.5
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 1000

Experience the ultimate beachside excitement with this extraordinary slot machine creation by Gaming Realms. Slingo combines the best of both worlds, bingo and slots, for an unforgettable gaming experience. Prepare to be amazed as you dive into this fantastic game, where you have the opportunity to win up to 1000 times your bet in cash and enjoy numerous thrilling bonus games. Take a chance and try your luck on Lucky Larry today, playing with real money. Discover the exhilaration of free spins, special symbols, wilds, and the potential to win one of the three incredible jackpots. If you’re not quite ready to dive in with real money, feel free to test out the game by playing the demo below.

You have the opportunity to play this bingo/slot game online by downloading it from different casinos on their dedicated apps for android or iOS mobile devices.

Reviews of Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo

Is this lobster going to bring you good luck? Visit the coast and enjoy an abundance of fun, thrills, and the chance to win big with Larry! There is so much more to share about this amazing slot machine game that takes place in an exciting and adventurous setting. Continue reading this review to uncover all the details!

Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo Theme

This Slingo game has a fun and playful seaside theme. It is filled with vibrant graphics and a wide array of colors that will enhance your gameplay experience. The game grid is set against a beautiful coastline backdrop, where the sun never stops shining! As you play, you will come across charming elements like lobsters, fishermen, buoys, and other delightful nautical symbols.

  • The bonus round offers numerous special features, including an impressive 1,024 ways to win.
  • You have the chance to win three jackpots, each offering a cash prize of up to 1,000 times your bet.
  • Each round of the Slingo game involves 10 spins.
  • The RTP drops from 96.38% to 94.96% when utilizing additional spins to activate the bonus feature.

Game Mechanics

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with a Slingo game, getting started is incredibly simple. The objective is to finish all 12 Slingo lines within the slot machine grid. However, you can still earn prizes based on the number of lines you manage to complete in each spin.

The main game rounds offer a variety of prizes including free spins, free picks, or Multipliers up to 3x. As you progress further in each round, the prizes increase in size.

  • 1-4 lines: No prizes;
  • Five lines achieved: 1 or 2 selections within the bonus round;
  • The completion of six lines awards an enticing reward of 5 free spins.
  • The bonus game awards three prizes to the top five picks.
  • Completing eight lines grants you the reward of 10 free spins.
  • Nine lines are finished with the option to select 3 to 5 picks during the bonus game, all while benefiting from a 2x Multiplier.
  • We have reached a milestone of ten lines completed, and as a reward, we are delighted to offer you fifteen complimentary spins accompanied by a 2x multiplier.
  • If you manage to win a ‘full house’, you’ll be rewarded with either 20 free spins accompanied by a 3x Multiplier, or a 3x Multiplier along with 5 top 7 picks during the bonus game.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a roller reminiscent of a lottery game, displaying 25 randomly generated numbers. During your ten spins round, five numbers or special symbols will be drawn. Afterward, you will be prompted to select the number or symbol you wish to play next. Additionally, if desired, you have the option to buy extra spins for a specific price as the game round nears its end. A pop-up will appear, presenting this option, and you can decide whether to proceed or conclude the round.

Experience the thrilling gameplay of Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo, where you can bet anywhere from €0.10 to €100 per spin. Enjoy an impressive RTP of 96.5% and experience medium to high volatility. With four exciting bonus games, three fixed cash jackpots, and reels filled with delightful surprises, it’s no wonder why this game is adored by casino enthusiasts.

Symbols and Soundtrack

In the Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo, a unique fusion of a slot machine and a bingo game, the symbols in this seafood haven have a unique twist. Let’s explore the various symbols that can emerge during the main game:

  • Gold Super Wilds allow you to select any desired number from the grid.
  • Additional spin/draw given at no cost – Free Spin.
  • Blue Lobstermania Wild offers you the freedom to select any specific number on a given reel.
  • Boot refers to the occurrence when a number does not appear on a particular spin.
  • In this Slingo game, there are three different jackpots available. The first one, known as the ‘Light Trap’, rewards you with 50 times your initial bet. The second jackpot, called the ‘Full Trap’, is even more generous, giving you 150 times your bet. However, the ultimate jackpot in this game is the ‘Motherload’, which astonishingly grants you a massive 1,000 times your original bet in cold hard cash.

To activate a jackpot, simply land either 3, 4, or 5 of the ‘Jackpot Overlay Symbols’. Enhancing the suspenseful atmosphere, the soundtrack adds a touch of comedy to your gaming experience. Wins are celebrated with catchy bell sounds, and each bonus game comes with its own lighthearted soundtrack.

Bonus Features of Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania

To unlock one of the bonus games, you must achieve a minimum of 5 Slingo lines. Once you meet this requirement and qualify for a bonus round, you will have the freedom to select your preferred game.

Buoy Bonus

In this bonus round, you have the opportunity to choose from three stunning locations. Your goal is to capture buoys from the ocean while Larry unveils your prizes. However, keep an eye out for the elusive golden lobster! It may appear unexpectedly and grant you an additional bonus game for each location you explore.

  • Choose kangaroos and win several cash rewards in Australia.
  • In Maine, you have the opportunity to select one of the floating pelicans to uncover cash prizes. You are given three chances to either accept or decline the prize and opt for a different pelican.
  • In Brazil, embark on an oceanic adventure where you can explore the depths and discover hidden treasures within chests. The excitement is boundless until you stumble upon the ultimate prize – a magnificent golden lobster – which marks the end of your thrilling journey.

Free Spins Bonus

If you select this bonus game, you will be taken back to the original game grid, which has a 5×4 format and offers 1,024 ways to win. Additionally, it is possible to trigger five or more free spins by landing 3 or more Scatters during the free spins round, with a maximum of 240 spins. Reels 2 to 5 also contain extra Wild symbols.

Slingo Tricks

We cannot offer any tips or tricks for this incredible slingo slot machine. There are no easy ways to become a master of the game, but honestly, with the exceptional quality of Gaming Realms’ work on this game, shortcuts are unnecessary. Since its establishment in 2001, Gaming Realms has become one of the most reputable and experienced software providers in the gaming industry. They specialize in Slingo and incorporate innovative and diverse bonus features, as well as a wealth of detail, into their games.

Always prioritize your safety while playing and promptly quit any casino game if it ceases to entertain you. It is highly recommended to establish a budget prior to starting and remain committed to it, utilizing any responsible gaming resources at your disposal.

Summary of Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo

Gaming Realms has brought the legendary character of Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo, originally developed by IGT in 2011, to life once again. This game has captured the hearts of slot machine players in land-based and online casinos for a long time. With this version, players can experience all the exciting features of Slingo and enjoy endless fun.

You have the freedom to set the gameplay speed to your liking, and for every bet you place, you will receive 10 spins. This will help extend your bankroll and provide enjoyable entertainment without a hefty cost. Additionally, the game is filled with special features and includes 2 bonus rounds with additional bonus games embedded within. An exciting bonus is the opportunity to win one of three jackpots, which could potentially be worth up to 1,000 times your initial bet!

You can also find bags of winning potential in Slingo games with high RTP and stunning graphics that will take you on a seaside adventure. Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo not only offers heaps of fun but also brings back nostalgic feelings.

Make sure to also explore the latest edition, Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania 2, designed exclusively for slot enthusiasts. These slot machines are currently trending on popular online casinos and are highly favored by avid slot game players.

Begin your exciting journey by playing Slingo from Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania or indulge in the thrilling slots of LobsterMania 2.


Can you please provide the RTP for Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo?

In the main game, the winning probability stands at 96.38%; however, if you decide to acquire additional spins to activate a bonus feature, this percentage decreases slightly to 95.96%.

What is the strategy for winning on Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo?

To play the game, spin the reels and mark off the numbers on the 5×5 grid. These numbers are generated randomly by a spinner. A complete line of Slingo can be formed horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. To win one of the three jackpots, you must land 3, 4, or 5 special jackpot symbols on the grid.

Is there a way for me to download Lucky Larry’s LobsterMania Slingo?

You can play this game on any mobile device or PC at any of our recommended casinos listed above. However, it is not currently feasible to download the game.

What is the payout of Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo?

The maximum payout for Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo is an impressive £100,000, making it a substantial and satisfying maximum prize.

What are the platforms where I can play Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo with real money?

Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania is available at multiple casinos, including 888 casino, Unibet casino, and

What are the steps to play Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania?

Similar to any other game, all you have to do is place your bet and give the reels a spin. If the numbers on the bottom bar align with the numbers on the grid, you shall secure a prize.

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