Mahjong 88 Slot

Software Play n GO
Reels 8
Bet Range 0.10 – 100
RTP 96.62
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 5000x

Slot games have the incredible ability to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, ranging from beloved children’s stories to various other games.

Play ‘n Go’s Mahjong 88 slot is a uniquely designed game that transforms the Chinese tile-based game into an exciting spinning slot experience.

The slot game offers a variety of thrilling bonus features, one of them being the Fortune Frog feature. While playing, you have the chance to activate enormous wins, reaching up to 5,000 times your initial bet with each spin.

If you’re seeking an extraordinary experience, Mahjong 88 is the perfect slot game to indulge in.

Review of Mahong 88

Mahjong 88 may feel strangely familiar as it draws inspiration from the Chinese tile-based game with the same moniker. Originally developed during the Qing dynasty in China, this game gained immense popularity and eventually made its way to global audiences by the early 20th century. While the traditional version requires four players, the slot adaptation allows you to experience the game solo.

Mahjong 88 can be played on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, featuring an 8 by 8 grid. Whether you prefer small bets with a minimum of 0.10 per bet or larger bets with a maximum of 100 coins per spin, this slot caters to players from all backgrounds. The range of coin options allows everyone to enjoy the enchantment of Mahjong.

This slot game, powered by Play ‘n Go, is known for its high volatility and a return to player percentage of 96.62%. While winnings may not occur frequently, they are certainly worth the wait.

While playing the game, you have the opportunity to activate a tremendous victory, reaching up to 5,000 times the amount you bet on a single spin.

If you’re a fan of oriental slot games and want something more light-hearted and animated, give the Chi slot by Elk Studios a try. This game will take you on an exciting adventure in search of the city of lost fortune.

Chi, the fire spirit, and Mow, the wind spirit, will join you on your journey to victory. This slot game offers thrilling features, such as the Stairway to Fortune bonus, where you have the opportunity to win huge prizes of up to 12,500 times your initial bet.

Theme & Design

Play ‘n Go has successfully transformed the ancient Chinese games into a digital format with Mahjong 88. The game’s design is influenced by its historical roots, immersing players in an authentic experience. As you play, a calming piano melody will accompany you, enhancing the overall relaxation of the gameplay.

The slot game offers a classic Chinese design, immersing players in a traditional ambiance. It features an 8 by 8 grid layout, where the symbols are displayed in a grid formation.

The tiles on the reels are symbols from the bams and dots suit, including 4 flowers and 4 wilds representing the seasons. This combination may seem unorthodox, but the vibrant colors, soothing soundtrack, and stunning animated backdrop will captivate and enchant you.

Bonus Features and Gameplay

Mahjong 88 incorporates a variety of features to infuse an extra dose of excitement into the game.

Cluster Pays & Avalanche Wins

The initial aspect of the slot game is the cluster pays mechanism. When four or more symbols connect either horizontally or vertically, you will receive a payout. Whenever a cluster of winning symbols emerges on the reels, they will burst and vanish. Fresh symbols will then cascade from above, providing you with another chance to secure a victory.

Concealed Tiles

The Mahjong 88 slot also offers an intriguing feature with its concealed tiles. These mysterious blank tiles will spin to uncover a hidden symbol located right next to them, adding to the excitement of the game.

The Fortune Frog Feature

Adjacent to the spinning reels, there lies a frog gauge eagerly awaiting to be energized as you engage in gameplay. Each triumphant victory will contribute to the gauge’s charge, and once you achieve an impressive streak of 33 consecutive wins, you shall unleash one of four thrilling effects. These extraordinary phenomena are aptly named Croak, Spawn, Tongue, and Hop.

When Croak is activated, it randomly selects a symbol set to be paid out like scatters. On the other hand, when Spawn is activated, it randomly selects a symbol set to be transformed into a higher paying symbol.

Using the tongue feature, two edges are selected, and the symbols located between these edges are converted into a different symbol. Additionally, if the Hop effect is activated, one symbol is chosen to be transformed and it destroys the symbols adjacent to it.

When you exceed the maximum charge on the Frog Meter, the Super Charge is activated, resulting in all wins obtained in the following game round being multiplied by 5. However, it is important to note that the Super Charge feature is exclusively triggered when you accumulate 88 or more winning symbols.

Four Seasons and Wild Effects

The Mahjong 88 slot game has four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The season changes randomly after each game round, with the transition occurring anywhere between 25 and 99 spins.

Each season brings its unique wild features. In Spring, the grid is enriched with up to 12 random wilds. Summer introduces up to 5 wilds on the grid that have the power to destroy adjacent symbols. Autumn offers up to 11 wilds that can either turn symbols wild or eliminate them from the edges.

In Winter, you may encounter up to 4 wilds that will stay in place as long as you achieve a winning combination. Every win you achieve will count towards a season bonus, which will only be awarded once the season comes to an end.


If you’re interested in trying something distinct and out of the ordinary, Mahjong 88 is the perfect choice among the many online slot games with an oriental theme. Originating from China, this tile-based game offers a unique opportunity to test your luck and potentially win big.

The game is filled with thrilling action and exciting bonus features.

Watching the seasons change or activating the effects in the Fortune Frog feature is particularly thrilling. As you play, you have the chance to win massive amounts of up to 5,000 times your bet on every spin.

Today, experience the thrill of Mahjong 88 slot game by playing it at any online casino powered by Play ‘n Go.

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