Pink Elephants Slot

Software Thunderkick
Reels 6
Paylines 4096
Bet Range 0.10 to 100
RTP 96.1
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot N/A

Have you ever heard of the idiom “Seeing Pink Elephants”? If so, chances are you have also had the experience of seeing these imaginary creatures. For those of you who have wisely avoided such encounters, let me explain what it means. “Seeing Pink Elephants” is a polite way of describing the state of being extremely intoxicated to the point of hallucinating. You know you’ve had way too much to drink if this starts happening. However, it’s important to note that here at CasinoTopsOnline, we do not endorse drinking and gambling. So please refrain from consuming alcohol when playing the Thunderkick-developed slot game called Pink Elephants.

Review of Pink Elephants

Game Mechanics on Pink Elephants

After understanding the origin of the idiom that inspired the name of the Pink Elephant slot, the entire theme becomes much clearer. Taking place in a blazing desert wasteland, the game suggests that the player is marooned without water and has reached a severe state of dehydration, causing them to hallucinate pink elephants.

Located on the background is the interface where players can earn their winnings. This interface consists of a grid with 6 reels and 4 rows, creating a total of 4096 paylines. This unique feature sets the game apart as a multiple ways to win variant. Players have the ability to choose and adjust their bet levels between spins, with options ranging from 0.10 to 100 credits. Rather than using the conventional arrow keys, players can easily select their desired bet size by clicking on the chip button located at the bottom right of the screen. With a theoretical Return to Player percentage of 96.1%, Pink Elephants falls into the category of a low to medium variance slot game.

Slot Features on Pink Elephants

The slot game Pink Elephants may appear whimsical and magical, but its features are actually quite simple. This video slot includes the standard Wild symbol and Scatters symbol combination.

Wild symbols function similar to a joker card in a game of playing cards, as they can transform into any neighboring symbol to form a winning bet line. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, plays a crucial role in obtaining the highly desired Free Spins by activating the necessary bonus rounds for significant victories. You can identify the Scatter symbol by its luminous peanut icon against a vibrant green backdrop. Perhaps Thunderkick chose to depict this symbol as a peanut due to the well-known affinity elephants have for this particular snack. (Did you catch our little wordplay?)

Setting puns aside, the collection of Scatter symbols can activate the bonus round. By collecting 3 or more Scatter symbols, you will be on the right path. Once you have entered the bonus round, it is possible to win additional Free Spins. If you manage to land at least 2 more Scatter symbols during this phase of the game, you will receive an extra 3 Free Spins. To determine the specific number of Scatters required to earn a certain amount of Free Spins, please refer to the table provided below.

Once all Free Spins have been used up, the bonus game will come to an end and the player will return to the base game. Any winnings earned during the bonus game will be paid out based on the symbol values listed in the pay table at the end of the bonus round. Now, let’s take a look at the paytable symbols, which consist of eccentric characters on the reels that determine the amount of credits awarded for landing a winning combination on the paylines.

The pink elephant is undoubtedly the symbol with the highest payout in this slot game. The remaining symbols portray adorable creatures found in the desert, each set against a different colored background – Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. These charming creatures serve as the high-paying symbols. On the other hand, the low-paying symbols are represented by the standard A, K, Q, J, and 10, designed in the shape of glowing stones. It’s safe to say that this slot game truly takes you on a peculiar psychedelic journey, doesn’t it?

Mystery Scatter Symbols

If Pink Elephants wasn’t already mind-bending, the game takes it a step further by introducing the Mystery Scatter Symbol. This symbol, portrayed as a eerie green-glowing peanut, adds an extra level of intrigue. Usually, we would advise against indulging in peculiar, phosphorescent legumes, but in this case, we’ll make an exception.

Rather than discouraging it, we highly recommend discovering the enigmatic symbols on the reels. While spinning, players have the chance to activate the appearance of the Mystery Scatter Symbol. These symbols, distinct from the regular Scatter symbol, can randomly appear on the reels, ranging from 1 to 5 at any given moment. They play a crucial role in accessing the Pink Elephant Orb bonus round.

Pink Elephant Orb Bonus Round

The special bonus game in Pink Elephants can be accessed by collecting at least 3 mystery scatter symbols. In the bonus round, players are tasked with collecting Elephant Orbs, which possess the ability to fill up the player’s bonus meter. The bonus meter is present on every symbol on the reels. When the meter is filled, the symbols with a filled meter will transform into the highest paying symbol of the slot game, the pink elephant symbol. This transformation remains throughout the duration of the bonus game until all free spins are used up.

A Final Word

The best way to describe Pink Elephants is as a fun, trippy, and hilariously cheeky slot game once you understand the meaning behind its name. It leaves us curious about the hidden meanings Thunderkick may have incorporated into their other slot games. With numerous bonus features and complex gameplay, this game will surely keep you entertained for a few hours. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can visit any of the recommended online casinos on CasinoTopsOnline or play the demo game above.

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