Queen of Riches Slot

Software Big Time Gaming
Reels 6
Paylines 18522
Bet Range 0.2 – 40
RTP 96.9

Before you dismiss it, we must caution you that opting out of this Ancient Egyptian themed slot game might cause you to overlook one of the finest ones available. Allow us to introduce Queen of Riches—a visually captivating game that combines modern features for an unparalleled experience.

Prepare to witness the entrance of formidable queens from history into the realm of Megaways slots! When we think of the first queen, who immediately comes to mind? Could it be the renowned Queen Catherine of Russia? Or maybe Isabella of Spain? Alternatively, we cannot overlook the influential and captivating ruler, Cleopatra. Undoubtedly, Cleopatra takes the crown as her connections with Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius bestowed upon her immense wealth, ensuring a life filled with opulence and extravagance.

Queen of Riches, developed by Big Time Gaming, is one of the earliest online slots to offer an impressive 117,649 potential winning combinations on each spin. With its unique ability to clone all six reels for a single spin, this six-reel game is truly captivating. Queen of Riches has gained considerable popularity among gamers and is sure to leave a lasting impression on players.

Overview of Queen of Riches Megaways

The game Queen of Riches features a unique layout with six reels, where each reel can display between two and seven symbols on every spin. This format provides players with a maximum of 117,649 ways to win, which is a popular feature seen in Megaways slots. Similar to NetEnt’s TwinSpin, Queen of Riches includes linked reels, but does not offer a free spins bonus. However, players can still enjoy the opportunity to win massive payouts through its mechanics. With its endless excitement and high volatility, this game has the potential to deliver significant rewards.

The slot game is visually appealing and will capture your attention for a long time. Although it doesn’t introduce any new themes or visuals, it still succeeds in providing a fun and enjoyable experience that may result in significant winnings. Be patient and watch for the Queen symbol to appear on the screen, as it offers the highest payout. If you’re seeking a reliable game from a top brand, Queen of Riches is definitely worth trying out. Let’s begin!

Queen of Riches Megaways Slot Theme

This game has a lavish atmosphere with its classical Egyptian theme, featuring gold and blue pillars. The intriguing element comes from the hieroglyphic characters on the top and the presence of two statues of Anubis, the Egyptian canine god, in the background. The game is set in an ancient royal palace, with opulent side reels showcasing various values from A to 9. Additionally, three rewarding Egyptian hieroglyphs in gold can be spotted. The most lucrative symbol in this game is the pyramid.

Queen of Riches Megaways Slot combines elements of history, enchanting mystique, and opulent artifacts all in one captivating display. These distinctive features contribute to the game’s exceptional and chic nature. With its straightforward gameplay and vibrant design, Queen of the Riches slot promises an enjoyable experience for players. Are you prepared to indulge in this lavishness? Are you ready to seize substantial victories? If so, Queen of Riches Megaways Slot is the game that perfectly suits your desires! So, sit back, relish in this slot’s grandeur, place significant bets, and anticipate extraordinary winnings!

Game Mechanics

In the Queen of Riches Megaways Slot, the rolling reels feature constantly generates new winning combinations. If any symbol forms a winning combo, it vanishes and is replaced by a new symbol, giving you additional opportunities to win. The number of rows on the reels is not fixed; after each spin, between three and seven rows are produced on each of the six reels. With six reels and up to 117,649 ways to win, there are numerous possibilities to score significant payouts in the Queen of Riches Megaways Slot. So, don’t miss out on the chance to claim the queen’s riches – start spinning the reels today!

Soundtrack & Symbols

Queen of Riches Megaways is an exhilarating slot game that perfectly complements its mood and theme with a captivating and grand soundtrack. The symbols within the game beautifully embody this theme, showcasing opulent and majestic elements such as diamonds, crowns, and a generous splash of gold. Additionally, players can unlock a multitude of special features by successfully landing specific combinations of symbols, such as Full Reel Wilds, the Reel Clone feature, and the highly sought-after Megaways. With its impressive design and thrilling gameplay, Queen of Riches Megaways provides ample opportunities for players to achieve significant victories.

RTP & Variance

Queen of Riches Megaways is an Egyptian-themed online slot game with an impressive 96.9% RTP and a high level of unpredictability. Despite being labeled as a high-variance game, it offers a relatively infrequent chance of winning. However, when luck is on your side, the winnings can be significant. This aspect adds excitement and suspense to Queen of Riches, making it a potentially rewarding experience for fortunate players.

Bonus Features

Feature 1: Full Reel Wilds

Queen of Riches is unique because it includes full reel wilds, making it stand out from other games. When the wild symbol, Queen Cleopatra, appears on a reel, it expands to cover the entire reel, increasing the chances of winning big. These wilds have a 7x multiplier, and if you get multiple wilds, their multipliers can combine, resulting in an impressive overall win multiplier of up to 49x. It’s truly amazing!

Feature 2: Reel Clone

The outcome of each spin is completely random. In this slot game, there is a chance for 2-6 identical reels, known as “clones,” to appear. Even the Full Reel Wilds can be cloned, which improves the likelihood of more cloned reels appearing. The Reel Clone feature enhances your winnings and enhances the potential for significant wins!

Feature 3: Megaways

The remarkable six-reel layout with a whopping 117,649 ways to win is the standout feature in all BTG games. The payout you receive will depend on the size of your bet. The game’s wild symbol, the Queen, lives up to her title by offering multipliers that enhance your winnings. Keep an eye out for the Queen, as she is eager to reward you!

Slot Tricks

To increase your chances of winning big on the Queen of Riches Megaways slot, it is essential to wager the maximum amount available. The minimum bet is 0.20, but to maximize your potential winnings, you should bet the maximum of 10. Placing higher bets will greatly enhance your probability of hitting the jackpot. Additionally, it is crucial to be vigilant for special symbols as they can unlock higher payouts. Lastly, do not hesitate to take risks as the greatest rewards often stem from bold decisions. By keeping these tips in mind, you will excel at playing this slot game. So, go ahead and give it a try – you may just walk away with a substantial reward fit for a queen!

Shall I Play Queen of Riches Megaways Slot?

The slot machine Queen of Riches has been a part of Big Time Gaming casinos since their inception. It has gained a notable reputation in the casino industry and boasts impressive wins of up to 20,000x, a rarity in other slot machines. Although it may seem too good to be true, these substantial wins have been witnessed multiple times within online communities, proving its legitimacy.

The Queen of Riches Megaways slot provides a simple and straightforward gameplay, free from any additional features such as free spins or cascading wins. The game focuses on cloned reels and wild multipliers, offering players the opportunity to win up to 77,800 times their initial bet per spin.

What is the functionality of the wild feature in Queen of Riches Megaways?

The appearance of wild symbols on the reels is always exciting because they enhance the chances of forming winning combinations. When the Queen of Riches wild symbol appears fully stacked, players can anticipate an even more thrilling experience. This wild reel not only substitutes for other symbols but also introduces a multiplier of up to 7x. If multiple wild reels land simultaneously, the multiplier values are multiplied, resulting in substantial payouts. Therefore, it is advisable to remain vigilant for the Queen of Riches, as she has the potential to unexpectedly enhance your winnings!

How much can one potentially win per spin on Queen of Riches Megaways?

You have the chance to win up to 77,800 times your initial bet in a single spin. The key element for significant payouts is the multiplier wilds, which can go as high as 7x and can combine if multiple ones appear in a single spin.

Is it possible to play Queen of Riches Megaways without any cost?

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the most exceptional gaming experience imaginable! For this reason, we are delighted to present a complimentary play demo of Queen of Riches. This allows you to test it out before making a commitment to playing with real money. Why not seize the opportunity and give it a go today? You may be pleasantly surprised by the immense enjoyment it brings.

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