Rainbow Jackpots Slot

Software Red Tiger Gaming
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Bet Range 0.01 – 25
RTP 95
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 800x your stake

According to popular belief, a pot of gold is said to be found at the conclusion of every rainbow, guarded by a leprechaun. These mythical beings, originating from ancient Celtic traditions and Irish folklore, are often portrayed as small, bearded men dressed in green clothing. They are known by various names, such as men of the mounds, smallfolk, wee folk, fairies, and sprites. Throughout history, stories about these enchanting creatures, also referred to as the Smallfolk, have been passed down from one generation to the next.

Review of Rainbow Jackpots

People who strongly believed in Leprechauns would often leave small gifts for them, like porridge, ale, and bread, by their windowsill while they slept. In return, the leprechauns would bless them, bringing them good luck and fortune. This story has inspired Red Tiger Gaming to create an Irish-themed slot game called Rainbow Jackpots. This game features a 5 x 3-reel layout with 20 paylines and is filled with the blessings of the magical creatures of Ireland.

Lucky Leprechaun Features

Red Tiger Gaming successfully embraces the classic leprechaun stereotypes in their slot game, featuring a green top hat, a red frizzy beard, a small stature, and even a wooden pipe. However, they manage to pull off this cliché with finesse. Every aspect of the game, from the sound effects to the gameplay features, fully immerses players in the enchanting world of Irish folklore. So, put your faith in the leprechaun’s luck and let it lead you through this incredible and vibrant green slot game.

Pots o’ Free Spins

Staying true to traditional folklore, the Free Spin symbol in Rainbow Jackpots is portrayed as a pot of abundant Free Spins, resembling a pot of gold. Typically, leprechauns fiercely protect their precious gold and put curses upon anyone who dares to touch their treasure. However, there is no need to worry, as landing one of the Free Spin symbols on the reels of this game will only bring positive outcomes and delightful surprises.

If you manage to trigger a Free Spin bonus, the final reel of the spinning sequence will change into a vibrant rainbow until it unveils the last symbol to land on the reels. In the event that you are fortunate to have at least 3 Free Spins symbols appear consecutively on the reels, you will receive a generous reward of 10 Free Spins.

In the Free Spins phase, players have the opportunity to earn even more Free Spins. With the Mega Free Spins feature, players can accumulate up to 100 additional free turns, as the Free Spins can stack throughout the bonus round. Once all the Free Spins are used up, the bonus round will conclude, and players will return to the base game.

Beer Bonus: Sláinte!

In the bonus round of Rainbow Jackpots, an opportunity arises to land a delightful beverage onto your reels. Specifically, we are referring to beer, Guinness to be precise, in order to maintain the cherished Irish theme. Once the Beer bonus round is activated, a mini-game commences. Players can select one out of three pint glasses brimming with Guinness, aiming to secure one of the following multipliers for their current winning bet: 30x, 50x, or 100x.

Symbol Swap Feature

The symbols swap is an impressive feature that lives up to its name. It swaps a winning symbol onto the reels, enhancing the likelihood of obtaining a larger win or unlocking the bonus round by landing one of the beer symbols. Similarly, the Symbol Swap feature can activate and replace a symbol with the Free Spins symbol, granting the player a few free turns.

Symbols and Paytable

Rainbow Jackpots continues to captivate us with its Irish theme, which never fails to entertain. The allure of the country’s stereotypical symbols associated with its rich culture, folklore, and heritage is undeniable.

Rainbow Jackpots follows a similar pattern as well, offering symbols that perfectly match the game and complement its theme. Within the regular gameplay, players will encounter both high and low paying symbols. The high paying symbols consist of the golden shamrock, the lucky golden horseshoe, and the leprechaun’s green hat.

Regarding the lower value symbols, they are fairly basic. Within this category, you will come across the common A, K, Q, J, and 10. However, when it comes to determining the size of your bets and adjusting them, there is much more diversity in this particular aspect of the game. The minimum bet you can place is a modest 0.20, but it can be significantly increased based on your preferred style of play. Incredibly, the maximum bet is set at an impressive 500 coins, which makes it one of the higher wagering slots available, as most games have a cap of 100 coins.

Pocket Sized for All Purposes

If you prefer playing games from the comfort of your home and relaxing with a few rounds of slots, you can now enjoy Rainbow Jackpots in full HD on your laptop or desktop. But don’t worry, if you choose to play on a mobile device, Red Tiger Gaming ensures that the quality is not compromised. The creators of Rainbow Jackpots have put in their utmost effort to seamlessly integrate this slot game for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, delivering the same top-notch quality you would find on the desktop version, thanks to the exceptional HTML5 framework.

A Final Word

Although it may be Red Tiger Gaming’s debut publicly released slot game, it certainly stands out as a timeless classic. The charming and cheerful Irish theme remains evergreen, and the provider has skillfully incorporated fresh and thrilling features to enhance the experience.

As previously mentioned, those who leave gifts for the leprechauns residing in the mounds will be rewarded. So, test your luck on this charming slot game and you may very well become wealthy, provided the leprechauns are feeling generous.

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