Reactoonz 2 Slot

Software Play n GO
Reels 7
Paylines 7
Bet Range 0.20 – 100
RTP 96.2
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot No

Get ready for another alien invasion in Reactoonz 2, the high-octane sequel slot game! Developed by Play’n GO in 2020, just a few years after the original, this game introduces a delightful cast of colorful and adorable aliens who are eager to form winning combinations and boost your winnings! With its cascading wins, four varieties of wild symbols, and two customizable meters, Reactoonz 2 offers a distinctive gaming experience with its 7×7 grid layout.

Overview of Reactoonz 2

As clusters of alien symbols descend from above, those consisting of 5 or more will reward players before vanishing and making way for new symbols. These continuous replacements create a thrilling chain reaction of wins that charge up two meters, ultimately resulting in explosive and exciting effects on the game grid. The captivating gameplay is further enhanced by the lively sounds of blips, boings, and babbles from the aliens, accompanied by a dynamic soundtrack that evolves from simple electro to intricate trancey synthpop as you advance. Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience this extraordinary game! Keep reading to discover more.

Reactoonz 2 Theme

If you’re not familiar with the original game Reactoonz, its sequel follows a comical alien invasion theme, showcasing amusing one, two, and three-eyed creatures in different colors. The main symbols in this game are the one and two-eyed aliens, which fall into place on a 7×7 grid with each ‘spin’. Unlike traditional paylines, this game rewards you when you form a cluster of 5 or more matching symbols that are touching each other, offering wins of up to 500 times your bet. Whenever you achieve a win, the symbols involved vanish, making way for more symbols to drop from above, potentially leading to a chain reaction of consecutive wins!

In this game, the four two-eyed aliens hold the title for the highest paying symbols. On the other hand, the four one-eyed aliens offer the lowest payouts. Nevertheless, these one-eyed aliens have their own significant role to fulfill, which we will discover later on!

Similar to the original game, the three-eyed Gargantoon remains stationed beside the reels. However, in this version, he is accompanied by a fresh extraterrestrial character sporting a distinctive W symbol on his head, alluding to the impact he brings upon the reels!

Sound and Soundtrack

While you play, the experience is enriched with a range of captivating celestial sounds. The symbols falling into place are accompanied by blippy noises, while matching symbols being highlighted and vanishing are accompanied by shock boing sounds. The charges emitted by the one-eyed aliens produce a tinkly sound that gradually climbs in pitch. Additionally, charging the Gargantoon and Energoon meter results in a zooming sound effect. To add a touch of humor to the game, you will occasionally hear a brief babble of alien-speak from one of the creatures.

As you progress through the game, the musical soundtrack gradually amplifies the energy and intensity, enhancing the overall experience. It all begins with a soft and delicate electro melody accompanied by rhythmic hi hat beats. However, as you advance further, the music evolves into a vibrant and energetic trance-infused synthpop, incorporating numerous melodies and supporting elements. This progression adds an exhilarating sensation, making the gameplay an absolute delight!

Bonus Feature

Reactoonz 2 offers a thrilling gaming experience, thanks to its abundance of effects and special features. The excitement reaches its peak when a cascade of wins is triggered, accompanied by a multitude of other effects. This game truly gets your adrenaline flowing! Now, let’s explore the diverse range of special effects waiting for you in Reactoonz 2.


Every time you press the spin button, the Fluctometer (located to the right of the reels) displays a new one-eyed alien, which becomes the fluctuating symbol for that round. If you form a winning cluster using these fluctuating symbols, an electric wild symbol is generated and appears in the same location as the winning cluster. Moreover, each winning fluctuating symbol contributes a charge to the Fluctometer. Fill it completely within one round and you will receive an additional 1, 2, or 3 electric wilds on the playing grid!


The Quantumeter, located beneath the Fluctometer, is where the three-eyed alien and the dark blue W alien patiently await. With every electric wild win, the Quantumeter gains a charge, offering four distinct levels. Fill the meter completely to unlock the extraordinary special effects associated with each level.

  • At Level 1, the play grid will have an addition of four Energoon wilds.
  • Upgrade: A wild symbol featuring a 2×2 Energoon will be included at Level 2.
  • At Level 3, an enormous Gargantoon wild, measuring 3×3 in size, will be introduced. This colossal wild will subsequently transform into two Gargantoon wilds, each measuring 2×2. Finally, these two wilds will further change into nine individual Gargantoon wild symbols.
  • Level 4: In this level, all wins from level 3 are doubled.

Uncharged Wilds

In this game, there are two types of wilds: electric wilds and uncharged wilds. Electric wilds are easily distinguishable by their electrifying appearance. However, there are also uncharged wilds that lack the electric effect. These uncharged wilds have the potential to transform into electric wilds if they are adjacent to a winning cluster or a Wild Pair Explosion.

Wild Pair Explosion

At the conclusion of a round, any remaining electric wild pairs will prompt the occurrence of a wild pair explosion. When the electric wilds are adjacent to each other, all symbols on the grid (excluding wilds) are eliminated. In the case where the electric wilds are not adjacent, all symbols between them, as well as the surrounding symbols, are eliminated. Additionally, the symbols that are removed contribute to the charge of the Quantumeter!

RTP of Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 has a Return to Player of 94.2%, which falls on the lower side of the spectrum when considering its maximum payout potential over a period of time.

Tricks of Reactoonz 2

It is difficult to avoid triggering an effect with every press of the ‘spin’ button, given the abundance of effects available. However, to enhance your chances of winning, it is advisable to focus on achieving a combination of cascading wins, fluctuating symbols, and electric wilds. By doing so, you can charge both meters simultaneously.

If you manage to fill both of them in one round, you will receive up to 3 times the number of electric wilds. After that, a huge 3×3 Gargantoon wild will appear, which will then break down into 2×2 wilds and finally single wilds. This offers a great opportunity to win big! Even if you don’t fill the Quantumeter to Level 3 or 4, you will still receive Energoon wilds to help you create more wins.

Should You Play This Game?

There are numerous reasons to play a game like this, overflowing with multiple ways to win. However, we have narrowed it down to our top five:

  • The comical alien theme is absolutely adorable, with those cute aliens of one, two, and three eyes. They bounce and burst all around the grid, making it impossible not to love them!
  • This game is an energetic and intense experience thanks to its amazing cosmic sound effects, alien babbling, and synthpop music.
  • There are various types of wilds in this game, each with its unique appearance and creation method. From the electrifying wilds to the massive 3×3 Gargantoonz, the wilds come in diverse forms.
  • Experience the ultimate thrill with this game’s diverse range of four exciting features, providing numerous opportunities for victory!
  • This game is characterized by high volatility, meaning that you may not experience frequent smaller wins. However, when you do manage to win, it is more likely to be a substantial one!

How to Play for Real

Are you eager to make real money from this alien invasion? Just follow these easy steps and you’ll start winning in no time:

  • Experience the excitement of Reactoonz 2 by joining one of our recommended casinos.
  • Start off by making your initial deposit and take advantage of any available welcome bonus.
  • Locate the game, launch it and commence playing!

Final Thoughts

Reactoonz 2 by Play’n GO takes the enjoyable alien theme of Reactoonz and amplifies it, resulting in a thrilling gaming experience. With its distinctive 7×7 grid layout and cascading wins, this game offers not only entertainment but also numerous features that will burst across your screen and boost your balance.

This game stands out from the rest by offering not just one, but four different types of wilds. Starting from the basic electric wild, to the single and 2×2 Energoonz, the enormous 3×3 Gargantoonz, and the uncharged wilds that are ready to go. Player involvement is crucial in this game, as each wild type is activated in a unique way, providing plenty of excitement. Additionally, the game is accompanied by cosmic sound effects and an upbeat soundtrack that gradually transitions into trancey synthpop as you play, delivering a truly enjoyable and stimulating experience right at your fingertips!


Are you still curious about this game? Visit our FAQs section to find answers to any questions you may have.

Is it safe to play Reactoonz 2?

The renowned game developer Play’n GO, known for their expertise and reputation in the industry, has created Reactoonz 2. They are dedicated to providing only provably fair games, ensuring a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.

Can Reactoonz 2 be played on mobile devices?

Reactoonz 2 can be enjoyed on various mobile devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as long as they support HTML. The game’s performance will rely on the capabilities of your specific device and network connection. Nevertheless, Reactoonz 2, like other contemporary games, is optimized to run smoothly on mobile platforms.

Can you provide the RTP of Reactoonz 2?

The Return to Player (RTP) of Reactoonz 2 stands at 94.2%.

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