Slingo Gems Slot

Software Slingo Originals
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Bet Range 0.50 – 25
RTP 95
Bonus Rounds No
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot No

Slingo Gems, developed by Slingo Originals, presents an online slot experience featuring 12 paylines and five reels accompanied by enticing bonuses, such as Instant Cash Hits and Free Spins. However, this game deviates from the usual slots format, making it potentially less appealing to certain players.

Should You Play Slingo Gems?

If you enjoy Slingo Slots, we suggest giving this game a try. Slingo Gems combines the excitement of bingo and slots with its straightforward graphics and quick gameplay. Not only that, but playing Slingo Gems also supports the American Cancer Society, making it even more worthwhile. To learn everything you need to know about this game, be sure to read our comprehensive slot review.


Slingo Gems, launched in December 2022, is an exciting online slots game with a bingo twist. Powered by Slingo Originals, this game offers players a chance to place bets and receive a 5×5 bingo ticket along with 11 spins. The objective is to create as many Slingos as possible by matching numbers on the bottom reel with those on the grid. Victory is achieved by completing diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines.

If you acquire 10 Slingos, you will achieve a Full House, granting you an opportunity to win the highest payout of 500 times your bet. The duration of each game is 11 spins, but be advised that it moves swiftly. Whenever you land on a Wild symbol, you can select a number to match in the column above. However, if you land on an X symbol, it will prevent you from making a move. By landing on Free Spin symbols, you will earn an additional spin, and the Super Wilds will allow you to select any number on the entire grid.

Coins offer an immediate cash reward. By progressing up the payment hierarchy, you can earn prizes worth up to 500 times your wager. If you desire to achieve the final Slingos, you have the option to purchase additional spins. However, exercise caution as they come at a significant cost.


Slingo Gems is a visually stunning game adorned with glimmering gems cascading gracefully from beyond the grid. Its gameplay may not dazzle you like other Slingo games, but it offers a plethora of exciting features. The game showcases five reels and five rows set against a captivating gold backdrop, where precious jewels incessantly descend, immersing players in a world of lavishness.

Design and User Experience

If you’re looking for something different from the usual slots, Slingo Gems could be the perfect choice. The graphics are incredibly sharp, and the heart-shaped Wilds will definitely get your pulse pounding. In order to help you achieve Slingos, there are several basic bonuses available, such as free spins, Wilds and Super Wilds. Additionally, if you land the Coin symbol, you can win instant cash prizes. It’s worth noting that Slingo does not provide an automatic play option.

Slingo Gems Wilds, Bonuses, and Free Spins

Earn big wins with Wilds and Super Wilds! Wilds can substitute for any symbol on the reel, while Super Wilds can substitute for any symbol in the grid. Players have the power to choose the number they want to replace, giving them some control. To maximize your chances of completing a Slingo, select the position that brings you closest to victory. Land three or more Wilds or Super Wilds, and you’ll instantly receive a cash prize.

Bonus Features

In addition to scoring Wilds and Super Wilds, landing any of the Free Spins symbols grants you an extra spin. A game round consists of 11 spins, so you can increase that count by at least one. To keep the excitement going, you have the opportunity to purchase eight additional Free Spins. Keep an eye on the top right corner to monitor your remaining Free Spins. It is important to note that in the UK, players are not allowed to buy Free Spins.

How To Play Slingo Gems

Slingo Gems may require some time to grasp due to its unique combination of traditional slots and bingo gameplay. To help you get started, here are the instructions on how to play Slingo Gems:

  1. To begin, familiarize yourself with the game rules. Simply click on the three bars located at the top of the page and choose “Help”. This section will provide a detailed explanation of the game.
  2. Adjust your bet amount by using the + and – symbols located next to the bet balance. You have the option to either increase or decrease your wager.
  3. When you are ready to play, press the “Start Game” button.
  4. Each game round consists of 11 spins. If the round concludes without achieving a full house, you have the option to spin again for additional money or choose to end the game by pressing Collect.

Slingo Gems RTP

Slingo Gems is a bingo card game with a five-by-five grid and five numbers displayed below. It offers a slightly lower RTP of 95% compared to other online slots titles in the market. The game has medium volatility and allows players to place bets ranging from £0.50 to £100 per spin.

How Can I Win At Slingo Gems?

To begin playing, simply press the “Spin” button. This action will initiate the release of numbers onto the bottom reel. If any of these numbers coincide with the ones on your reels, they will transform into stars. The appearance of Wilds enables you to substitute numbers, but be cautious of the X symbol that lands on the center reel, as it will prevent you from spinning that particular reel again. To achieve victory in Slingo, your objective is to score Slingos, starting with one line and progressing up to 11 lines. The completion of all 11 lines, known as a full house, awards you with the highest payout.

Our top Tips and Tricks for Winning

To maximize your experience with Slingo Gems, consider these helpful suggestions:

  • To expedite achieving a Slingo, employ a strategic approach when selecting a number that aligns with landing Wilds and Super Wilds.
  • Make sure to stay within your budget when placing bets, and if you find yourself losing frequently, it’s better to stop for the day.
  • Before wagering real money, try out Slingo Gems for free in its demo mode.

Our Personal Experience Playing Slingo Gems

Although Slingo Gems offers an engaging and fast gameplay, it may not be as appealing to a wide range of online slot players due to its relatively small maximum win and low RTP of 95%.

Slingo Gems Vs Similar Slot Games

If you want to know about other Slingo games you can play, here are two other popular Slingo titles. Discover how they stack up against Slingo Gems.


Slingo Gems

Slingo Stampede

Slingo Money Train















  • Wilds
  • Free Spins
  • Coin symbols for automatic payout.
  • Wilds
  • Super Wilds
  • Scatters
  • Free Spins
  • Wilds
  • Free Spins

Other Slot Games

Are you interested in exploring other Slingo games? We have a wide selection to choose from. Here are three fantastic Slingo slots for you to try out.

Slingo Lucky Joker

Slingo Joker takes on an Irish folklore theme, where the Joker dons a charming Leprechaun suit. As he roams the reels, his lucky nature may bless you with the opportunity to win enticing cash prizes. The game’s highlight is the Bonus Wheel, brimming with a variety of rewards and a slot to enhance your gameplay. With a chance to win up to 275 times your bet and a respectable 94% Return to Player (RTP) rate, it’s time to seize the pot of gold awaiting you.


Slingooooal is an exhilarating Slingo game that guarantees plenty of excitement. As you match numbers on the reel, they are instantly marked off. The game offers the chance to win up to 1000 times your bet, thanks to its Megaways mechanic that allows for massive wins. Additionally, Slingooooal includes four random modifiers, mystery symbols, and Free Spins with unlimited Multipliers and mystery symbols. With its low volatility and a respectable 95% RTP (Return to Player), all we can say is, “goal!”

Slingo Deadliest Catch

Gaming Realms and Discovery Channel have collaborated to develop an exhilarating Slingo game based on the popular television series. Immerse yourself in the world of Alaskan crab fishermen as you engage in the progressive jackpot Slingo game, featuring a unique Collectible Mechanic and an impressive RTP of 95.7%. Prepare to be thrilled by the action and adventure of Slingo Deadliest Catch, a game of medium volatility that offers a fantastic win potential of up to 3,740 times your bet.

Our Final Thoughts

Slingo Gems, the latest addition to the Slingo series, guarantees to delight fans with its high-speed action, stunning gem visuals, and an impressive maximum win of 500 times your wager. With the inclusion of Wilds and Super Wilds, you’ll have a degree of control, and employing a bit of strategy will enable you to create Slingos. Although the return to player percentage may not match that of slots, it aligns with the standards of numerous Slingo games, ensuring you won’t be at a disadvantage. As your next Slingo game, we highly recommend trying out Slingo Gems.


To help you begin your Slingo Gems journey, we have provided a few questions for you.

What is the maximum amount that players can win on Slingo Gems?

You can win up to 500 times your bet in the game.

Can Slingo Gems be found in the UK?

Indeed, Slingo Gems can be found and enjoyed in the United Kingdom.

Is playing Slingo Gems a safe activity?

Slingo Gems is developed by the well-established provider, Slingo, known for offering their games at numerous reputable online casinos.

What is the maximum amount you can wager on Slingo Gems?

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