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RTP 95

Pragmatic Play consistently takes the lead in the gaming industry, and this is especially evident with the launch of their latest game, Spaceman crash. This game introduces an innovative and captivating approach to casino games, featuring engaging visuals, flexible betting options, and exciting bonuses for players to enjoy.

Overview of the Spaceman Crash Game

Spaceman casino game offers players an exciting adventure, taking them on a thrilling journey through the vastness of space in pursuit of big rewards. The farther you travel in space, the higher the multiplier becomes, with an incredible maximum multiplier of 5,000x. This game is truly unique among others in its genre and guarantees an out-of-this-world experience.

The Underlying Theme of the Spaceman Casino Game

In this casino game, titled “Spaceman’s Journey,” you will assume the role of an astronaut traversing the expansive universe. If you enjoy crash games and are seeking a fresh and enjoyable experience, this is the perfect choice for you. Undoubtedly, the captivating theme of this game will make it a popular addition to top online gambling platforms. A countdown will initiate the Spaceman’s adventure into space, as he is then transported by a UFO through the dimensions of space and time. Pragmatic Play has skillfully incorporated passing planets, stars, comets, and various other elements to create a delightful atmosphere in this slot game set in space.

How the Spaceman Game Works

Experiencing the joy of the Spaceman online crash game is effortless. It accommodates multiple players simultaneously, ensuring that each round progresses regardless of the number of participants. Therefore, even if you aren’t swift enough or uncertain about your bet, you can still witness the spaceman soaring through space and increasing his multiplier. If you are new to crash games, we have provided a guide below for you to explore.

Once Spaceman Round Takes Place Every 10 – 15 Seconds

Participating in Spaceman crash betting offers the opportunity to complete a round every 10 to 15 seconds, depending on when the Spaceman stops. The duration of each round varies, allowing you to choose how many rounds you want to participate in. This flexibility allows you to control the frequency of your participation, making it more convenient for you.

Place Your Bet for the Next Round

In order to participate in a Spaceman crash betting game round, you need to choose a wager. The game screen provides arrow buttons at the bottom, which allow you to adjust the wager amount. Additionally, you have the option to add €1, €5, €10, or €25 to the current amount in play. The minimum bet allowed with Spaceman is €1, while the maximum is €100. As long as you click on ‘Confirm Bet’ before the next round begins, you will be included in the game.

Be sure to Cash Out at the Right Time

When the round begins, the main character known as the Spaceman is transported into space and swiftly propelled towards the right. You will witness his journey through the dark expanse, encountering various celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and asteroids. Simultaneously, a multiplier on his back will steadily increase. Your objective is to determine the optimal moment to cash out before the Spaceman collides. If successful, you will receive the value of the multiplier at the time of cashing out. However, if you delay too long, you risk losing your initial investment.

The Important Things to Remember About Spaceman Crash Gambling

When playing this Pragmatic Play release, it is important to remember certain things. The rules that apply to crash games are applicable universally.

It Serves as a Multiplayer Game

The Spaceman casino game is a multiplayer release, allowing multiple players to participate simultaneously. You can easily observe the number of players and their bets in real-time. While some crash games enable communication among players, others do not. However, this feature provides valuable information about the game’s popularity and allows you to strategize accordingly, which we will discuss shortly.

Prepare for a New Casino Game Experience

When imagining the grandest and most renowned casino globally, one often envisions classic games like roulette or slot machines, which are believed to offer the ultimate gaming encounter. However, by introducing crash games like Spaceman, one must brace themselves for an extraordinary and innovative experience. This is not to diminish the enjoyment provided by traditional casino games, as they are indeed pleasurable. Nevertheless, Spaceman crash and similar games offer a delightful yet straightforward gaming adventure. They present captivating visuals on the screen, present a fresh and alternative choice, and cater to the preferences of both experienced and novice gamers.

Spaceman Crash Works with Mobile Devices

If you enjoy playing casino games on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t have to worry because Spaceman can be easily accessed through these devices. It can be seamlessly integrated into mobile lobbies, similar to desktop casinos, as it has been designed in HTML5 format. Simply visit your preferred mobile casino, load the game, and it will automatically adjust to fit your screen size.

Hints and Tips for Winning the Spaceman Crash Game

Similar to other casino games, Spaceman offers various strategies and tips that can increase your chances of winning. Below, you will find these helpful hints that you can apply during gameplay. To minimize risk and play without wagering real casino money, consider accessing a demo version of Spaceman.

Take Note of Other Players’ Actions

Spaceman, just like other crash games, is a multiplayer release that allows you to observe the actions of other players. You have the opportunity to witness their bets for a round and notice when they choose to cash out. By doing so, you can easily mimic their routine and strategies. Observing their cash out timing and the types of wagers they make might inspire you to give it a try yourself. Who knows, this approach could potentially lead to your own success.

Be Sure to Practice in Demo Mode

We observed that a recent demo version of Spaceman was available, which is always a recommended approach. Opting for this method enables you to practice without the fear of losing your own funds. By utilizing demo funds, you can witness the game’s dynamics, determine the most effective strategies, and also test these particular hints and tips. Regardless of the casino game you are engaging in, we suggest giving it a go in practice free play mode before venturing into real money gameplay.

Keep an Eye on Your Greed Level

The combination of greed and gambling is a recipe for disaster. Countless online stories recount the tales of individuals who became victims of their desire to play one more round, only to end up losing a substantial amount of money. In the game Spaceman, the multiplier on your screen increases at a rapid pace, tempting players to think, “maybe if I wait just a little bit longer.” However, before you realize it, the Spaceman crashes, resulting in your loss. It is crucial to resist the temptation of greed during gameplay and cash out at the appropriate time.

Utilise the Auto-Cashout Function

Most crash games incorporate the auto-cashout feature, and this mechanic is also present in Spaceman. You can find it in the bottom-left corner of the screen, along with the 50% auto-cashout button. These options enable you to choose specific multiplier levels at which your winnings will be automatically cashed out. This eliminates the need for you to manually press the cash out button and reduces the risk of missing the optimal cash out point. By selecting cashout 50%, you will retain 50% of your winnings for the next round.

Large Stakes, Small Multipliers

Placing larger bets on smaller multipliers has proven to be an effective strategy for many players. Utilizing the auto-cashout feature enhances this approach, providing the opportunity to quickly earn profits. For instance, if you desire a €70 payout, you can set the auto-cashout at 1.5x. This will trigger the cashout after a brief moment, resulting in a total payout of €105. Consequently, you will make a swift profit of €35. Additionally, you can incorporate a secondary bet with a smaller amount and a higher multiplier cashout to further maximize your earnings.

Top Spaceman Game Strategy

If you’re searching for a specific strategy to use while playing Spaceman Crash, your search ends here. In this article, we will explore the best strategy for maximizing your gameplay in this Pragmatic Play release.

Martingale System

Many individuals who engage in the top slot games at their preferred casino frequently employ this system, which is also applicable to crash games. The Martingale system is widely recognized among many individuals and can be effortlessly implemented in any betting strategy.

To start off, you must set a base wager amount. For illustration purposes, let’s assume it is €2. This initial bet is placed on the upcoming Spaceman round, and you wait for the outcome. If you win in that round, you proceed to the next one and place another €2 bet. However, if you encounter a loss, the next round will require you to double the amount. For instance, if you lose in our example, your next bet would be €4. If you continue to lose, the subsequent bet would be €8, and so forth. Whenever you achieve a win at any point, your bet returns to the initial base amount.

By utilizing this strategy, the belief is that you can recoup any losses from a single win. While this outcome is ideal, it should only be viewed as a short-term solution. Keep in mind that in Spaceman, there is a maximum wager limit of €100 per round, preventing you from surpassing this point. Depending on your initial wager, doubling up can quickly reach this limit. Hence, it is crucial to have a sufficient starting bankroll.

Spaceman Game FAQs

Take a look at the limited number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Spaceman game provided below.

Which additional features can be found in the Spaceman game?

You have the option to access the most recent 500 outcomes of previous rounds, along with the frequency of the spaceman crashing. Additionally, you can open a chat box at the top-right corner to communicate with other players or seek assistance from the support team. These features are seamlessly integrated with the 50% cash-out perks.

How much can I potentially win by playing Spaceman?

You have the chance to win up to 5,000 times your stake or a total of €500,000 from the game.

Could you please provide the RTP rate for the Spaceman crash game?

Spaceman by Pragmatic Play has been assigned an RTP rate of 96.5%.

Where can I play the Spaceman game?

All casinos that have Pragmatic Play software will have the option to incorporate the Spaceman crash release within their lobby.

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