Wild Toro Slot

Software ELK Studios
Reels 5
Paylines 178
Bet Range 0.10 – 100
RTP 96.4
Bonus Rounds Yes
Free Spins Yes
Jackpot 225,000

Wild Toro, published by ELK Studios in 2017, is an homage to traditional Spanish culture and has rightfully earned the title of Game of the Year by the EGR Operators Awards 2017. Though running with the bulls through the narrow streets of Spain may seem thrilling, it is a dangerous activity best left to the professionals of bullfighting, the Matadors. In this game, however, we can enjoy the essence of this spectacle without witnessing any bloodshed.

This game is a thrilling adventure filled with action, pitting the heroic bull “El Toro” against the cunning matador “Diaz Jr.” The intricate story of their rivalry keeps players on the edge of their seats. With a staggering 17 million plays and numerous happy winners, Wild Toro has proven to be a game that brings joy and excitement to its players.

Review of Wild Toro

Game Mechanics of Wild Toro

Wild Toro boasts cutting-edge graphics thanks to its utilization of a state-of-the-art HTML5 framework. The game’s visuals are truly unique, featuring a 3D-like art style that captures the intense rivalry between the matador and the bull. This can be inferred from the captivating intro sequence, which showcases the capes of both characters hanging on coat hangers. The backdrop of the game showcases a charming Spanish town square, which is later covered by a grid layout consisting of 5 reels arranged in 4 horizontal rows, forming a 5×4 grid.

The paylines in this slot game are truly impressive, offering a staggering 178 different ways to win. These paylines are calculated from left to right, and the payouts are determined by the values of the symbols in the pay table. You have the option to choose from 12 different bet levels, ranging from 0.20 to 100 credits. With a theoretical Return to Player percentage of 96.4%, Wild Toro falls under the low to medium volatility category.

Betting Strategies

ELK Studios and their games stand out from other software providers by offering pre-implemented betting strategies to assist players, whether they are newbies or experienced, in deciding how they want to utilize their credits.

There are different strategies available to cater to the preferred play style of the current punter, ranging from casual to high roller strategies. To select a strategy, the player can click on the stack of coins located on the bottom left side of the screen. If desired, they can disable this feature anytime during the game and switch back to manual playing.

Slot Features on Wild Toro

Upon examining the slot attributes that govern the gameplay, it becomes evident why Wild Toro was rightfully crowned as the game of the year in 2017. This remarkable slot not only offers a plethora of Free Spins, Wild Symbol functionalities, and Respins, but it also assists players in selecting the optimal betting strategy. The symbols on the paytable boast breathtakingly exquisite designs, capturing the essence of classic and romantic Spanish aesthetics.

In this place, you can discover the iconic Spanish orange with a dagger piercing it, a passionate red rose (acknowledging the renowned charm of Southern European men), and ancient Spanish currency from the Medieval era. These coins are available in copper, silver, and gold. The two prominent figures, El Toro and Diaz Jr., each have their distinctive symbols that trigger unique features on the slot machine. The excitement reaches its peak, resembling a genuine bullfight, particularly when the exclusive Toro Goes Wild feature is activated.

Toro Goes Wild Feature

In the game Wild Toro, it is evident that the central character, the bull Toro, plays the role of the protagonist while the Matador assumes the role of the antagonist. At any point in the game, El Toro can emerge on the reels as the Walking Wild symbol, a distinctive feature of the Wild Toro slot, offering players the opportunity to achieve substantial victories. When El Toro appears on the reels, it initiates a charge towards any Matador symbol present, intensifying the gameplay.

First, El Toro will charge vertically and then horizontally towards the unfortunate Matador. The Matador better run quickly because once El Toro catches up with him, he will completely destroy him. The Matador will vanish from the game. But here’s the exciting twist with the Walking Wild symbol: the path that El Toro charged from turns into Wild symbols. These Wild symbols have the potential to transform into winning symbols, leading to a huge payout for the player. El Toro will continue charging at any Matador symbol nearby until none remain on the reels.

On the other hand, when El Toro leaves wild symbols in its path, there is also a possibility for these symbols to transform into El Toro symbols simultaneously. This sets off a series of events that can ultimately result in the highest payout of 225,000 credits.

Respin Trigger

Nevertheless, the battle is not completely unbalanced. The Matador Diaz Jr. holds his own opportunity to strike back against El Toro through Respins. Should the player successfully obtain a winning combination containing a minimum of 3 Matador symbols, the respin feature will be activated.

The functionality of this feature is identical to the popular Free Spin function. In this feature, players can spin the reels without any additional cost using their initial bet placed on the betting line. While respinning, players get the opportunity to land more Matador symbols on the reels, keeping the respin active until all of them are used up.

The Final Battle

Although matadors and bulls are inherently adversaries in the game, we sincerely wish for a day when they find common ground. In addition, ELK Studios has showcased exceptional craftsmanship in the creation of the Wild Toro slot game, making them truly deserving of the award they have obtained for this remarkable slot game.

The game’s mesmerizing art style is not only captivating, but it also provides hours of enjoyable and thrilling gameplay. Utilizing the pre-made betting strategies adds diversity to the gameplay, making it particularly useful for newcomers who seek guidance to maximize their slot-playing experience. Even experienced players may find ELK Studios’ recommendations on how to play beneficial and informative. In conclusion, have a great time playing Wild Toro and make sure to explore the recommended casinos to begin playing with real money.

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