Cash Machine Slot

Software Everi
Reels 3
Paylines 1
Bet Range 0.2 – 100
RTP 96
Bonus Rounds No
Free Spins No
Jackpot 10500

Cash Machine, powered by Everi, is an online casino slot website that originated as a physical slot machine in various casinos across the USA. Due to its immense popularity among players, it was adapted into an online version in 2019.

This slot game has 3 reels and introduces the innovative ‘Win What You See’ gameplay, making it incredibly simple to play. It is the inaugural ‘Stepper’ game of its category and offers a maximum winning potential of 10,500 credits. With its strong impact, it will undoubtedly give you a nostalgic slot experience. Try your luck with real money and have the opportunity to generate some cash for yourself!

Take a look at our slot review for this highly recognized name in the world of slot games.

Reviews of Cash Machine Slot

Cash Machine offers a unique slot experience that sets it apart from the usual games. It is designed to be simple enough for beginners and enjoyable for experienced players. Players can choose to spin 1, 2, or 3 reels and win based on what appears. Additionally, there are 2 Respins features that provide extra opportunities to win cash.

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Continue reading our comprehensive review of the popular Cash Machine slot to find out all the details.

Cash Machine Slot Theme

It’s not surprising to discover that the theme revolves around lucrative money combinations! The game resembles a banknote, boasting a luxurious green hue. All it needs now is one of the esteemed presidential figures from the USA! This slot exudes a hint of classic elegance, luring you in with its straightforward design.

  • An exceptional ‘Stepper’ game that stands apart with its unparalleled mechanics.
  • An excellent option for individuals who are new to playing slots.
  • There are a total of 32 potential winning combinations and the game also includes 2 Respins features.
  • There is currently no available RTP information.

Game Mechanics

The Cash Machine game sets itself apart from typical online slots with its distinctive Everi ‘Win What You See’ mechanism. When placing your initial bet, you have the option to activate 1, 2, or 3 reels in sequence. Bets can range from 1 credit to 100 credits per spin.

To play the first reel and have a chance of winning 10 credits, you need to bet 1 credit. If you want to activate the first and second reels and have a maximum potential win of 105 credits, you need to bet 5 credits. However, if you want a shot at the game’s biggest cash win jackpot of 10,500 credits, you must place the maximum bet and play with all 3 reels.

Each spin’s total win is determined by the numbers on the resting reels. Additionally, green diamonds, which serve as blanks in the game, can appear on any reel but do not contribute to the credit value.

If you have 3 reels and the symbols that appear are a diamond, 5, and a diamond, then you will receive 5 credits as your winnings. However, if you only play with 1 reel and land on a diamond symbol, this means you have lost. On the other hand, if you play with 2 reels and the symbols that land are a 5 and a ’00’, you will win 500 credits. The same pattern continues for other combinations.

There are 32 potential winning combinations that offer cash prizes ranging from 1 credit to 10,500. After the reels have finished spinning, only the highest cash prize shown will be awarded.

At the time of writing this review for Cash Machine, Everi has not provided an official RTP. However, our thorough testing of the game confirms that it offers a low-to-medium volatility. As a result, your bankroll will last longer and provide additional gameplay.

Symbols and Soundtrack

Unlike other slot games that are filled with colorful characters and exciting symbols, the Cash Machine slot stands out with its unique approach. Instead of the standard set of high and low-paying symbols, scatters, or bonus icons, this game features reels filled solely with numbers.

Similar to the absence of symbols, there is also no soundtrack in this slot game. However, this can actually be a positive aspect. Frequently, loud or bothersome soundtracks can diminish the overall enjoyment for numerous players! In the Cash Machine slot, you will hear a pleasing sound of notes being counted as the reels spin. It resembles the sound you hear when making a withdrawal from an ATM – and honestly, who doesn’t appreciate that sound?

Once the rewards are calculated, you will have the option to enjoy a soothing melody of tinkling bells. Alternatively, you can opt for a silent gameplay experience by muting the sounds through the game menu.

Bonus Features 

Experience the thrill of 2 captivating Respin features in the Cash Machine slot game. These features grant you an additional opportunity to claim fantastic prizes. You can activate either of these features during the main game, and the probability of triggering each bonus depends on the bet level you have selected.

Red Respins

Once certain spins with a winning reel come to a stop, this bonus feature is activated randomly. If any of the active reels at this point do not contain a prize, they can respin once to provide a reward that is of higher value than the initial spin. The Red Respin can be triggered two more times, but it will not be activated with a 1 credit bet. Additionally, it is not possible to initiate this feature while the ‘Zero Respin’ feature is ongoing.

Zero Respins

After a losing spin that includes at least one reel with a ‘0’ or ’00’, an exciting bonus round called the Zero Respin is activated. The reels that do not have these symbols will spin again. If the subsequent spin also results in a loss, the Zero Respin feature will be triggered once more. This can occur up to three additional times, potentially leading to significant wins for your balance!

Slot Tricks

We have no insider tips or tricks to offer for this slot game as it is a straightforward and enjoyable ‘Stepper’ game. It is widely popular in the USA, and it’s easy to understand why. The game originated in America as a ‘one-arm bandit’ machine, and Cash Machine is developed by Everi, a US-based software and game developer.

It is important to keep in mind the importance of playing safely when engaging in any online casino game. One effective measure to prevent potential gambling issues is to establish a budget before starting. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the various responsible gaming tools that are available. As a responsible gambler, you have the option to utilize these tools at any of the online casinos we have reviewed.

Summary of Cash Machine Slot 

Everi has successfully captured all the fantastic qualities of the classic slot machine, previously limited to brick-and-mortar casinos. The game is simple to play, demanding minimal skill, while offering two thrilling bonus features. As a result, it becomes the ideal selection for players of all kinds.

One of the reasons why this slot is highly favored at the finest online casinos is due to its straightforward design, distinctive attributes, and substantial cash rewards available.


Can you provide the RTP of the Cash Machine slot game?

Unfortunately, Everi has not yet made the RTP for Cash Machine officially available. However, based on our assessment, we would categorize this slot as having low-to-medium volatility, providing you with an understanding of its gameplay.

What are the strategies for winning on the Cash Machine slot?

This game is straightforward with no complications. You can score wins by landing numbers on the reels you have activated.

Is there a way for me to download the Cash Machine slot game?

At the moment of composing this review, downloading this game is not feasible. However, you can enjoy it either for free or by investing real money on your preferred mobile device or desktop.

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