Cash of Kingdoms Slot

Software Microgaming
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Bet Range 0.15 – 60
RTP 96.28
Bonus Rounds Yes
Jackpot 250x your stake

Microgaming’s ongoing success can be attributed to their skill in identifying popular trends and creating engaging slot titles around those themes. Cash of Kingdoms online slot is a prime example of their ability to do so effectively. Undoubtedly, mobile devices have become the primary platform for people to spend their time, with activities such as chatting with friends and family, browsing websites, watching videos, and playing casino games.

Review of Cash Kingdoms

Microgaming successfully retains their players by designing slot machines that mimic the appearance and gameplay of popular mainstream mobile gaming titles, ensuring continuous engagement and appeal for their brand of slots entertainment.

Visual & Sound Design

Cash of Kingdoms is evidently inspired by popular mobile games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. In this fantasy mobile strategy game, your objective is to assemble a powerful army of heroes and embark on adventurous raids against adversaries to achieve greatness!

The reels of this casino game are brimming with dashing heroes, rogues, treasure chests, and even exploding barrels, all in line with its enchanting fantasy theme. You will have the power to spin and win with the following Premium Symbols at your disposal:

  • The dashing Knight is known for being the highest-paid among them all.
  • The Mage who controls fire is closely following the Knight in terms of worth and importance.
  • The elven Ranger is focused on winning the prize.
  • The Bombardier, known for his fiery temperament, offers excellent value for your money with his explosive performance.
  • Luckily, the cunning Rogue is on your side, which is definitely a beneficial situation.

The Wild symbol in Cash of Kingdoms is represented by a shield and crossed swords, perfectly aligned with the theme. On the other hand, the Scatter symbol is an alluring golden treasure chest, radiating with the anticipation of concealed riches.

Microgaming dedicated effort to develop unique low value symbols that break away from the conventional card symbols. These symbols aptly fit the theme and include a magical tome, a knight’s blade & shield, an archer’s bow & arrow, a sack of gold, and an explosive barrel. The overall aesthetic of the symbols is delightfully playful and eccentric, making it an ideal choice for an online slot game that aims to provide entertainment, escapism, and a thrilling bonus hunting experience.

Bonus Features

Microgaming has once again delivered a remarkable addition to their new slot, Cash of Kingdoms, with the introduction of a captivating Bonus Feature called Invading Wilds. This unique feature takes the concept of Wilds and expanding Wilds to a whole new level. Whenever a stacked Wild appears on either row 2 or 4, the Invading Wilds feature is triggered. This extraordinary feature showcases the stacked Wilds on the reel attacking the center row, transforming it into a Wild paradise!

If fortune smiles upon you and you manage to land a wild symbol on both rows 2 and 4 during a single spin, you can be certain that a Super Stacked Wild will appear. This Super Stacked Wild will cover the entire rows 2, 3, and 4 with nine wild symbols. Consequently, this presents an incredible opportunity for winning amazing jackpots!

Free Spins

If you land 3 or more Scatters on the reels, you will not only receive an instant bonus payout but also activate the exciting Free Spins feature! Initially, you will be awarded 10+ free spins, and you have the opportunity to trigger even more free games by landing additional Scatter symbols. Each Scatter symbol will grant you an extra free spin!

When Free Spins are activated, the likelihood of stacked Wilds appearing is heightened. This ultimately boosts your chances of hitting a massive payout with a Super Stacked Wild. Moreover, any win featuring this combination is assured a 2x multiplier on the overall winnings.


Cash of Kingdoms is a low variance slot machine with a 5×3 reel set. This implies that players can expect to receive frequent small wins. In order to provide an enjoyable experience for all players, Microgaming has implemented a wide range of betting options for Cash of Kingdoms. The minimum stake is set at €0.15, while the maximum bet can go up to €480.

If you prioritize the largest payouts per spin as a player, you may find the payouts of Cash of Kingdoms to be relatively modest, with 5x The Knight symbols only yielding 10x your bet. Nonetheless, this aligns with the characteristics of a low variance slot. In contrast, a high variance slot may offer a much higher return, but it requires a greater investment to potentially achieve it.

By activating the free spins feature, your chances of winning the jackpot increase significantly, with a possibility of earning 250 times your initial bet. Considering the frequent triggers of free spins during your gameplay, your overall winnings while playing Cash of Kingdoms can accumulate into substantial amounts.

The ultimate prize that tempts us all to plunder is the incredible jackpot of 100,000 coins in Cash of Kingdoms! No matter the size of your coin collection, this treasure would undoubtedly be a delightful boost to your kingdom’s wealth.

Closing Thoughts

Microgaming went all out to introduce this title at the ICE event in London, even featuring a highly skilled foot-archer at their booth, and their efforts paid off splendidly! Cash of Kingdoms is an irresistible slot game that we predict will be a beloved choice among players for many years to come.

Cash of Kingdoms is an incredibly engaging and entertaining game that provides players with excellent chances to win huge jackpots, especially for those who prefer lower variance slots. Additionally, the wide range of betting options ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can have a great time. Whether you have plenty of money to spare or are working with a limited budget, Cash of Kingdoms guarantees an entertaining evening at the casino. We strongly encourage you to put on your armor and join the exciting battle in Cash of Kingdoms right away.

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