Golden Beauty Slot

Software Pragmatic Play
Reels 7
Paylines 75
RTP 96.44
Bonus Rounds Yes

Enhance your gaming experience with a hint of zen by immersing yourself in the visually captivating oriental theme, calming soundtrack, and fascinating 10 spins per game setup offered by Golden Beauty. As you indulge in the gameplay, keep an eye out for the golden lotus positions that can be marked off, leading to a substantial wild payoff every 10th spin. Additionally, seize the opportunity to choose from various combinations of free spins and wilds in the game’s gratifying retriggerable feature!

Golden Beauty Slot Review

Enhance your gaming experience with a hint of serenity by indulging in Golden Beauty. Immerse yourself in its captivating oriental theme, accompanied by a tranquil soundtrack, and be enthralled by its unique 10 spins per game structure. As you play, keep an eye out for the golden lotus positions, which offer a grand wild reward every 10th spin. Additionally, explore the game’s generous retriggerable feature, where you can select from various combinations of free spins and wilds to maximize your rewards.

Golden Beauty Theme

Golden Beauty offers a serene oriental atmosphere with a gold-framed reel set placed in the center of a town waterway, surrounded by gently swaying tasseled paper lanterns. The slot is adorned with enchanting colors such as pink, gold, and red. The symbols on the reels consist of luxurious gold jewelry, ornate combs, pots of coins, and golden versions of the 10-A symbols. The highest paying symbol in the game is the elegant lady on the reel, which is also shared by the dazzling gold wild symbol. The surroundings are adorned with beautiful pink lotus flowers, enhancing the overall theme. However, it is the golden lotus flowers that hold the most value, as you will soon discover.

When you activate the free spins feature, vibrant red and gold fans will cover the reels, transitioning them from daytime to nighttime. As they do so, they will unveil red scrolls containing various options of spins and wilds for you to pick from. Experience a serene and tranquil atmosphere as your free spins unfold in a smooth and graceful manner, offering you truly peaceful rewards!

Sound & Soundtrack

As you engage in gameplay, the Golden Beauty soundtrack unfolds like a treasure trove of musical richness. Initially starting with a delicate and subdued tone, it gradually evolves into a captivating composition led by the enchanting sounds of the Chinese pipa and piano. Contrary to being overwhelming or intense, this melodic masterpiece serves as a soothing guide, ensuring a tranquil and enjoyable experience. Celebratory wins are accompanied by a cheerful tinkling sound, just as the appearance of bonus symbols brings forth a sense of excitement. Additionally, on every tenth spin, the golden lotuses gracefully transform into wilds, accompanied by a gentle whooshing sound.

Fans briefly hide the reels with a delightful furling flap when the free spins feature is triggered, while the unfolding of the red scrolls during the free spins is accompanied by a pleasing fabric ruffle. Those who experience ASMR will surely appreciate the immersive audio experience provided by this slot.

Bonus Feature

Golden Beauty has two distinct features: the Progressive Feature and the Free Spins Feature. Let’s delve into the specifics of these casino bonuses for a closer look.

Progressive Feature

Golden Beauty is a game that has a unique gameplay compared to what you’re accustomed to. In this game, each round consists of 10 spins. During these spins, any golden lotus symbols that show up are highlighted with a golden frame. Once the 10th spin is completed, all the highlighted positions are converted into wild symbols and rewarded with payouts. Afterward, the reels are reset for the next round of 10 spins.

Free Spins Feature

When three or more bonus scatter symbols show up on the reels, Golden Beauty’s free spins feature is activated. The number of symbols that triggered the feature determines the options you have for free spins, which include variable wilds.

  • You have the chance to win free spins by getting 3 scatters. The number of free spins awarded can be either 5, 10, or 15. In addition, you can also get 10, 7, or 5 wild symbols during these free spins.
  • You can receive either 10, 20, or 30 free spins with 10, 7, or 5 wilds by landing 4 scatters.
  • When you get 5 scatter symbols, you can earn either 15, 30, or 45 free spins. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to receive 10, 7, or 5 wild symbols during these free spins.

Throughout the entire feature, the wilds will appear on the screen and persist. With each of your free spins, these wilds will relocate to random spots, resulting in awarded wins. Additionally, you have the ability to retrigger the feature multiple times without any limits. The retriggered features will be played once the current one has concluded.

RTP Of Golden Beauty

With an RTP of 96.44%, Golden Beauty ranks among the highest-paying games, offering a substantial payout over a period of time.

Tricks of Golden Beauty

Golden Beauty stands out with its distinctive approach of offering 10 spins per game, wherein significant victories can be attained by collecting numerous golden lotuses before reaching the 10th spin. Nevertheless, there are other means to achieve substantial wins. The free spins feature not only grants the option of numerous free spins with a scarcity of wilds, or fewer free spins with an abundance of wilds, but it also enables the possibility of triggering the feature again, resulting in consecutive winning sessions!

Should You Play This Game?

We have compiled the perks of Golden Beauty into a concise list of five compelling reasons to play. Take a look at these fantastic incentives:

  • Visually captivating game: Delight in the allure of an oriental theme as you immerse yourself in a world adorned with a charming palette of pink, red, and gold. Experience the enchantment brought by the exquisite Chinese pipa melodies, complemented by shimmering gold accessories. Traverse through this captivating game, where swaying paper lanterns and graceful lotus flowers further enhance the visual spectacle that awaits you.
  • Unwind with a tranquil soundtrack: Let the gentle strumming of stringed instruments guide you through the game, infusing your day with a touch of serenity.
  • The gameplay of this game is truly one-of-a-kind. The setup of having 10 spins at a time is captivating, and the added thrill of collecting wilds throughout the game creates a rewarding and motivating gaming experience.
  • You can trigger and retrigger rewarding free spins by selecting your preferred combination of free spins and wilds, increasing your chances of consecutive big wins.
  • Golden Beauty offers a harmonious blend of occasional significant victories and frequent smaller wins, providing a perfectly balanced and contrasting gaming experience.

How to Play for Real

Are you prepared to experience the wonders of Golden Beauty with actual currency? Follow these three easy steps to get started:

  1. Choose one of our recommended casinos that provides the game.
  2. Start off by making your initial deposit and take advantage of any welcome bonuses available.
  3. Discover the Golden Beauty slot game, unlock it, and commence playing!

Final Thoughts

The charm of Golden Beauty stems from its distinctive setup of 10 spins per round, enabling players to accumulate wilds for a substantial potential reward on the 10th spin. Additionally, the free spins feature introduces an element of decision-making, allowing players to customize the balance between free spins and wilds for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The retriggerability of this feature enhances the game’s winning potential, as consecutive rewards are entirely feasible and certainly worth striving for!


Are you still interested in learning more about Golden Beauty? Explore our FAQs below for additional information.

Can I safely play Golden Beauty?

You can confidently play Golden Beauty as it is developed by Pragmatic Play, a highly reputable industry leader known for creating games that are provably fair. Rest assured, your safety is ensured.

Can I access Golden Beauty on mobile devices?

Most modern smartphones or tablets that support HTML5 are compatible with playing Golden Beauty.

Could you please provide the RTP of Golden Beauty?

Theoretical RTP for Golden Beauty stands at 96.44%.

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